Panama February 2021

I’ve really fallen off the blogging & vlogging wagon. Even tho 2020 was a crazy year, I did manage to get a lot of travelling in, I just didn’t take the time to blog about any of it. Although I just went to Panama October 2020, I decided to go back February 2021 since Trinidad carnival was cancelled and I had all this time to kill. This trip I decided to make some short videos for prosperity sake and need a place to park them so here they go. Due to COVID the capital of Panama is on a weekend lockdown meaning you cannot leave your home from 10pm Friday until 6am Monday. The smaller provinces including my home province of Colon was not under such lockdown although they did have 10pm-6am nightly curfew. You have to have a negative COVID test to enter Panama, but if you don’t have one you can obtain one in the Panama airport for $50 (although I would highly recommend getting one before traveling so you don’t even up quarantined in a foreign county if you turn up positive or have a false positive). You also need a negative COVID test to renenter the US, but that was easily obtained in Panama City at for $95.
Hope you enjoyed,thanks for stopping by!