Atlanta Carnival 2019 Fete List
Ok I'm kind late compiling the fete list this year, my bad I was being hella lazy.  PS: This list is still a work in progress...

As always I gotta start off with the FETE OF THE YEAR aka Cooler Fete that actually takes place the weekend before ATL Carnival... be there or be square.

If you have questions regarding the fetes above, please feel free to contact

Solo trip to New Orleans Mardi Gras 2019

A lot of people are scared to travel alone, I’ll admit that included me many moons ago.  One of my many life mottos, “Follow your heart” If older, wiser me wants to do something… I do it. So I went to New Orleans alone for Mardi Gras, but I made the best of it and had the time of life.  I actually ended up spending a minimal amount of time alone cause people kept adopting me in the various places I went and then I ran into the sister of one of my closest friends and we partied till sunrise. 

All these years, I didn't know N.O. had a spot that plays Caribbean/African chunes

Partyn till sunrise = Struggle Bus
Had to get some Balcony Action in
I was trying to take my mind off NOT being in Trinidad for carnival since I went the week prior to save $$$ coins.  After New Orleans I then headed to San Diego, Long Beach, & Hollywood for an extended solo trip.
Pointless layover in Dallas so I could check out the Amex Centurion Lounge

Trinidad 2019 PreCarnival fetes

For Trinidad Carnival 2019 we went the week before carnival so that we could FINALLY partake in Machel Monday and save lots of coins $$$ by not playing mas.  We had an equal amount of fun compared to previous years, the only dilemma is that when we were leaving to fly back home everyone else was flying in. Even ran into some familiar faces during my layover in Miami.  My heart broke a little so we decided although we are again NOT playing mas in 2020, we are going to arrive early for Machel Monday again AND stay one week longer so we can fete with friends when they arrive.  2020 Lodging already booked #BOOM!  What days will you guys be there so we can link?  Anywho... here is a recap video of our awesome adventure. 

DJ Private Ryan