Recap of Atlanta Super bowl week in Atlanta

Atlanta hosted Super bowl this year so you know me and the crew had to partake in ALL the fun.  Super bowl was last held in ATL back in 2000, I didn’t live here at the time, but I did come for the fun.  I remember spending a tremendous amount of my trip just sitting in gridlock traffic.  To avoid the pains of traffic, I relocated to my homegirls condo in the city for the weekend.  I decided to start using my Youtube more often so for Super bowl week long shenanigans I made a video documentary. Enjoy...
Recap video of Atlanta Super bowl week in Atlanta
The homie Tony Wiz hosted an awesome day party at Havana Club and that was worthy of its own video.

Started off Super Bowl weekend at Throwback Thursday at Aurum Lounge
Super bowl Music Fest - Day 1
Super bowl Live @ Centennial Olympic Park

Shout out to my chica Rachel for hosting us at her place, it was a weekend of nonstop fun