DIY Carnival Feather Collar

The new year ushers in new carnivals, so here is a step by step tutorial for those that want to jazz up their costume with a very easy and super cheap DIY collar that can easily fit in your luggage if you are trying to sneak it to an international carnival.

Time:  45min – 1 hour
1/2 yard Blue 6-8 inch goose feather ribbon/trim - $2.99/yard eBay
2 yard Pink 6-8 inch goose feather ribbon/trim - $2.99/yard eBay
¼ yard White hackle feather trim - $1/ yard
12 gauge multipurpose wire - $5
Stretch pink ribbon - $1 eBay
Cardboard scrap
Scrap pink fabric
Scrap felt
A few gems – feel free to rip em off old costumes
Glue gun

Side note:  I have no idea why I like to work on the floor when I do have a desk and a work table with much better lighting. I'll do better, I promise.