Hookie DC weekend 2018

Back to DC for Hookie weekend, I last did Hookie in 2016 when it was still the same timeframe as DC Carnival Weekend (now moved to 4th of July weekend).
I feel like every time I talk to ya’ll I’m just confessing that my level of “I aint sh*t-ness” is getting grander and grander.  Sadly this trip is no different!  I was in DC for Hookie weekend Thursday afternoon – Sunday night and I only attended two Hookie events!  Wait lemme explain!!! 

Thursday Release Therapy was 6pm – 2am which was insanely long timeframe, but Caribbean people know what’s up… show up 2 hours before event end time.  We arrived a tab bit early around 11pm (lol at 4 hours late being considered a little early) the crowd was still thin at that time, but the venue quickly got ram packed and hot as F*CK!  Seriously thought I was gonna have a heat stroke, but we relocated right under an air vent and proceeded to dance our lives away. Like they say in real estate, “Location, Location, Location“
Friday Hookie – Sadly the weather was NOT on our side for Hookie (an outdoor fete), but the great thing about Caribbean people is that they don’t give a mutha *BEEP* about rain “Wet Fete”  A wet fete is like having the freedom of jouvert without having to find blue paint in your ear weeks after the fete. Hookie was everything, that’s all I need to say!

We had discussed going out Friday night, but in true old people fashion we didn’t go anywhere and instead slept our lives away. We did however wake up around 1am, jammed to some chunes, drank a bottle of champagne,  and sat around in the kitchen laughing about nonsense, then went back to bed!  You know what??? It was frekkin fantabulous!!!  I seriously don’t have the mental nor physical capacity to fete sun up to sun down when it’s not carnival.  My body wants to chiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllll!!!

Lions Pride Jouvert Saturday morning - I mainly wanted to skip jouvert for one “I aint sh*t” reason. I was only traveling with a backpack and didn’t wanna bring the items necessary for jouvert. I was flying on Hidden City fares cause I didn’t purchase my flights to DC until the week prior and you know what that means regarding flight prices. Here is a definition of Hidden City Fares for those that don’t know, “Hidden city ticketing" can offer steep discounts on airfare. Basically, you book a flight past your destination, with your target destination as a stop on the route, and save more than if on the direct route.” This travel method is a tricky game you play with the airlines, I wouldn’t encourage it if you are not a risk taker and don’t know how to travel light.  After I returned home from this trip, I actually has a nightmare that the airline send me an invoice for $1,000 for all my recent Hidden City Fares/Travels.


Instead on Saturday morning my chica Charmaine made me a grand breakfast and we got lost off the sauce aka champagne, then took our tipsy azzes shopping. Not sure why cause it’s not like I had any room in my backpack to bring anything home.  Saturday afternoon we went to Soca Loco and even though the fete was inside we spent the entire time drinking and chatting the afternoon away on the rooftop.

Saturday evening we went to the DC carnival experience event Xen Live with King Bubba, Freeze, and Turner. You know how when you attend a carnival you leave with a song that just resonates in your mind and you have a bunch of memoryz attached to it?  Well Turner – Champions was that song for me when I left Trinidad 2018 carnival so it was awesome to see him perform it in DC.    

Sunday afternoon while everyone else was at Riddim & Road we went to a bottomless brunch.  Riddim & Road is a cute concept kinda like Bacchanal Road or Las Lap in Trinidad where everyone wears an old carnival costume and relives Road March wotlessness.  Having no room for such attire in my backpack, I proceeded to get drunk outta my mind at brunch and slept almost the entire day away. Sh*t I was about 15min away from missing my return flight home.  It was the last flight of the day and that would caused me major problems cause like I said, I was traveling hella bootleg on a hidden city fare. 

And just like that my friends, Hookie weekend was a wrap. Always a great time seeing my carnival ace Charmaine that I actually met On Di Road Trinidad carnival 2011.  Until we meet again DC.

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