41st Bday in MIA

For my 41st birthday I decided to take a last minute vacay, but after taking my big trips for the year (1) Trinidad carnival with a mini extended layover in Panama and then (2) Jamaica carnival I now realized that I am poor.  I make a cost estimate spreadsheet for every tip I take cause I need to see that the dollars make sense ¢. I debated going home to Panama or back to Jamaica or Cancun, but my spreadsheet told me to go my favorite affordable city MIAMI even tho I went there in January and February.  The travel snobs tell us that Miami is played out and we need to get our passport stamp game up... to them I say, “Eat Poo!”  There are so many things to do and see in Miami, how could one ever get bored with it?

So off to Miami I went by myself the Tuesday after Memorial Day, I know so many people that live down there so I am never truly alone.  Even tho my hotel was on South Beach and I was a mere steps form the beach, like a lazy mofo I just chilled on the roof of the hotel, boozing at their pool.  Times like this I remember that, “I aint sh*t!”  I always end up in Miami on Tuesdays cause I love going to Rum & Bass at Coyo Taco in the Wynwood Art District.  Oh how I enjoy NOT partyin in South Beach anymore, I don’t have to dress up and wear heels.  Wynwood spots say, “Come as you are, drink & be merry.  My homie came thru and scooped me and we had to stop for a quick photoshoot in Wynwood. The amazing art in Wynwood is forever changing so when you see some art that you like, you have to snap a pic cause it could be gone the next time you are there. 

Wednesday morning I was up at the crack of dawn and on a double decker bus to Key West (found on Groupon for $28).  Not sure why, but Key West has always been on my list of places that I wanted to go b4 I croak.  I packed a backpack fulla rum, took lots of tourist pix along the famous Seven Mile Bridge, bought a trolley tour around the key/island, of course took a pic in front of the famous Southernmost Point Landmark, did some on -oot touring, and then spent a few hours at the beautiful blue beach.  The beach was sooooo blue, it most def did NOT feel like i was in the US.  I had initially debated spending the night in Key West, but glad I opted for a same day trip because I think I woulda been bored by day 2.  Slept on the ride back to Miami and then freshened up and hit the Wynwood area again.  I was on my way to Wood Tavern ( a very eclectic spot where you see the most randomest things, but the drinks are super cheap), but passed by Coyo Taco in route and could hear some wicked Roots Reggae blasting and my body floated inside. PS: It was awesome!  I spent all Wednesday by myself and it was marvelous cause alone time does the soul good. 

Thursday morning I took a morning stroll to the Miami Beach Holocaust Memorial for some quiet moments of reflection.  With the current state of affairs in the US, it makes one wonder if we are destined to repeat the mistakes of the past?!?!
Then instead of going to the beach I once again drank on the rooftop of the hotel cause 2 days later I still wasn’t sh*t!  Thursday I relocated to downtown Miami cause the dollars made sense. As many times as I’ve been to Miami I’ve never utilized the Metromover a 4.4-mile electrically-powered, FREE, fully automated people mover system.  I always saw the cool little trolleys floating through the sky and instead of checking it out, I would walk blocks upon blocks when I coulda been riding for FREE!!!  I got slightly lost on the Metromover cause of course I was drinking and not paying attention to which trains went were, still had fun tho!  Thursday nite my home Tiffany flew down and we headed straight to Wynwood upon her arrival.  Hooray to having a partna in crime for the rest of the weekend. 

On Friday I finally hit Miami beach, but instead of going to the populated areas where the hot mess goes town, we set up further south near the South Pointe board walk.  Brought all the supplies needed for an afternoon of drunken fun (Booze and Bose). Didn’t make it out Friday night cause we are getting old and our bodyz needs sleep.  Instead just drank on the patio and  relaxed!
Saturday was an almost identical replica of Friday except we actually did make it out that night (to a quaint spot in Wynwood of course).
In true Sunday Fun Day fashion we drank all afternoon and evening, at Bayside Marketplace which is a great place for people watching and also in Wynwood at this swanky spot called R├ícket that had bottomless mimosas... by now you should already know that bottomless mimosas is my weakness.  I would definitely recommend going here for drinks, but be sure to eat in advance cause they only have snacks on their menu and you need a hearty meal when consuming such mass quantities of alcohol. 
By the end of the weekend we had a marvelous glow after endless kisses from the sun.  My last minute birthday getaway was fantabulous. I'm was so glad I didn't splurge on an pricey location, I needz my coins for rum.  Kudos for my homie Tiffany for joining me on the 2nd half, we had so much fun doing a whole lotta nothing, just drinking and being merry!  

Monday, June 4th was my birthday and I had to spend that back in ATL with my squad.