Atlanta Carnival 2017

Disclaimer: I'm getting old!!!   I initially planned on laying low this carnival and only attending two or three fetes… somehow I ended out every dayym day Carnival Tuesday to  Monday.  If you read my Carnival Fete list blog you saw that there was an endless number of fetes going on in ATL, I mean honestly how I could I expect to not partake in all that fun??? 

The jump start of carnival begins the Saturday prior with Kiddie Carnival and then Cooler fete. I usually go to Kiddie Carnival every year, but I aint sh*t and ended up at a pool party instead.  Anyway, like I said in my  Carnival Fete list blog, if you live in or near Atlanta and you miss Cooler Fete YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS ABOUT LIFE! 

A frekkin monsoon passed through cooler fete, but of course the place was still RAM!!!  Caribbean people write songs about fete’n in storms, these are the same people that flew into a hurricane for Miami carnival 2016, this fete not missing we!!!  Cooler fete was everything we dreamt about for the last year, I got my ENTIRE LIFE!!! I have no idea how we fete from 11:30pm – 6:30am, but somehow the time just flyz by and next thing you know the sun is rising and you are crying outside cause you don’t wanna go home! *dry cry* 

Sunday was spent in a coma trying to recover from the debauchery of Cooler Fete and Monday was spent stockpiling energy for the 7 day fete-a-thon to come.  Tuesday night we hit up Soca on da Drive, this is a monthly fete should you find yourself feeling some tabanca in the near future and are craving Soca. The DJs helped us get our minds right for the week ahead. Shout out to Unique Soundz just love them!
Wednesday was Army fete, everyone's favorite themed fete!  I was kinda doing the most with the outfit, but hey Its Carnival!!!  
Thursday I seriously was gonna stay in recoop from Tue & Wed and rest up for the weekend, but Nooooooooooooooo  they just had to announce last minute that Private Ryan was going to be at DJ Stephen’s fete #HASHTAG#. My old ass managed to party till 3am even though I had to be an adult at 8am *pops collar*

There were several breakfast fetes and even a jouvert road march going on early Friday, but adult duties called and I couldn’t attend. *Cold World*

I headed to EPIC rooftop day party after I finished adulting Friday . This fete is one of my annual favorites... beautiful views of downtown ATL + upscale Caribbean vybz = Good times.

Others went to Jouvert or Powder Fete Friday night, but I caught up on Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz so I would be well rested for the carnival parade Saturday.  Of course we were back with our old band Madd Colors. Last year I checked off a bucket list item of designing for my own band and boy was that stressful, I don’t need that kinda stress in my life.  It was so lovely to just show up and show out lolololol  It has been said that this is last year that ATL carnival will have Tshirts so I guess I gotta work out next year. *le sigh*

Even though the shortness of the ATL carnival parade route leaves you desiring more, I have a blast every year because I am with all my sistren.  ATL carnival has a concert into the evening after the parade that we never stick around for, drinking and dancing in the blazing sun takes its toll.  Once the parade is over and the adrenalin wears off, I am ready for food and bed. 
I thought about going out Saturday night, but instead I stayed in bed and watched Saturday Night Live cause my life boarders back and forth from Living like a Soca star, to being an old lady with no desire to do anything other than lay in bed. Sunday morning and afternoon had breakfast fetes and day partyz that I did not attend, again I just blissfully chillaxed in bed while sipping mimosas.  7pm we headed to the highly anticipated Supa Soca outdoor fete with an insane DJ lineup. I honestly don’t remember jack *BEEP* about Supa Soca.  Looking at the photos I can clearly see that I had a blast, the photos also indicated that WE NEED JESUS!!!

My brother and I made an impromptu decision to head to Wear White Sunday night, How or why??? iDunno!!! I had an amazing time at Wear White, I haven’t attended that fete in a few years, but was loving the new outdoor venue. Partied till 5:30am at which point my body said, “NO MAS!!!” and I had to take my rass to bed ASAP.

I decided not to attend any partyz Monday, instead I opted for what I thought we be low key vybz at the Team Prime annual SPLASH pool party. I headed there around 2pm and drank, danced, swam, and jammed for 5 hours.   I was exhausted afterwards, so much for low key’n it!

And there you have it my friends, an old people version of carnival with a balance of fete fete fete and sleep sleep sleep!  I noticed that my feet were slightly swollen at the pool party and my back currently hurts, maybe I need more sleep, less fete next year.  Anyway, we will probably produce a recap video at a later date, too lazy to do it now!  Chow!


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  2. Seems that you had a really good time ! i really enjoyed looking as those fun filled photos. keep us updated with your future fun filled trips too