DIY Carnival Belt

Here is a DIY blog to help you as you work out your 2017 carnival schedule and try to figure out which carnivals you are going to storm and which carnivals you are going to join a band.  This is a tutorial on how to create a carnival belt from scratch or maybe the costume you like has a tiny belt that does not cover up enough of your “lady parts” and you want to provide yourself with a bit more coverage. Below are two examples:
I was commissioned to make a stormer costume this hot young thang. Belt was created from scratch with felt, fabric, black trim, and black rhinestone applique.   

This is the belt for my Caribana 2016 costume, it needed to be repurposed a bit cause my stomach is NOT on flat-flat.

DIY Carnival Belt

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  1. Angela that looks really fun trip to New Orleans! it's ok to go on a road trips every once in a while! I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself!!