Atlanta Carnival 2017 fete list

A collections of flyers for all the folks that need Atlanta Carnival fete info .  Its still early, many more fetes to be announced, I’ll add more as I see them.  Now the hard part is Do you buy early bird tix now? Or do you wait to see what other fetes drop? Decisions, decisions, decisions...

I MUST shout out Cooler Fete although technically its not carnival weekend, this event officially kicks off carnival.  If you live in or near Atlanta and you miss Cooler Fete, you obviously don't care about life.
Ok wait... lets have some behavior and support the Kiddies before we take our drunk rasses to Cooler Fete!

Another Honorary Mention

So by now you already know that Atlanta has two (2) carnivals, held on the same day, at the same dayym time, different locations.  I promise you that all your favorite bands will be at this route in Decatur.

I'm SUPA excited about this one!!!
Carnival Sunday, 6pm-midnight
Did I mention that I was one of the hosts for Supa Soca? *wink* Carnival Sunday, 6pm-midnight


  1. I just want to say thank you for your annual fete list! Every year I visit your blog to get the run down on Atlanta Carnival weekend! You are truly a life saver!

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