DIY Atlanta Falcons Fabric Earrings

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Necessity is the mother of invention!  So I lost one of my beloved Falcons earrings a few weeks ago.  I ordered a different pair and when they came in, they were 10x smaller then they looked online.  Fast forwarded a few weeks… the Falcons are in the Super bowl and I know I need a BIG pair of Falcons earrings in my life.  Time not being in my favor, I tried to find some on Amazon prime (2 day shipping). Everything is OUT OF STOCK!!!  I can’t even be mad cause I’m happy that my team is getting so much love.  Well since I can’t order any earrings, I decided to make some my dayym self.  Here we go! 
I went to the fabric store and bought a half a yard of Falcons fabric ($3 with online coupon), you could get away with much less, but I’ll probably want to make a pair for all my friends for their birthday because I’m that crappy friend that likes to give gifts that I LIKE!!! Earring hooks were $3 for 60.  White felt for stability was $0.39.

I cut a tear dropped shape of white felt and fabric.  Let’s not waste time reinventing the wheel people, find something that you can use as a stencil! 

Each earning has fabric and felt on both sides. 

I glued bling on a string along the sides of the earrings and then on the front and back of each earning.  

Then I added a little bling’d out flower cause they didn’t feel Gotti enough!

Because “EXTRA” is my middle name, I decided to make a bracelet as well. That was pretty simple just upholstered a $2 base bracelet from the craft store.

Happy crafting!! PS:  Rise Up!!!


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