Birthday Vybz in San Juan, PR

Extended weekend getaway to San Juan, PR for my chica Selam’s birthday.  She wanted a relaxing weekend on a tropical beach and we obliged! 

The nice hotels were like $200 a night and there were 5 of us on the trip, so an Airbnb condo was definitely the best route.  We rented a cute little spot for $125/night in Condado, a very nice area a few blocks from the beach and quick drive to downtown San Juan.  We also rented a car since taxi’n / Uber’n it around town would have gotten a bit pricey.  Funny (actually not funny) to learn that there is an intense amount of tension between the Taxi and Uber drivers in Puerto Rico.  It’s requested that when booking an Uber, you do so nowhere near where the taxis line up as they are likely to brawl.  YIKES!!!

Selam and a few other others landed early Thursday afternoon, but sadly I wasn’t able to arrive until late Thursday night.  I did make it a point to turn the hell up on the flight down there. 
After I landed we dropped of my stuff, had a shot, & promptly hit the town.  Selam got the intel from the locals that La Placita was the place to be on a Thursday night.  During the day La Placita aka La Plaza del Mercado in Santurce is a market with lots of shops and eateries. At night La Placita is an endless sea of bars and small clubs. Free entry to all the spots and the drinks were hella cheap #WINNING!  
Friday afternoon was spent having lunch on the patio of a small diner we stumbled upon and then chillaxing on the beach with our liquor and chunes.  Like I said before, the birthday girl wanted a relaxing weekend on a tropical beach and we obliged! 

Friday night we wanted to try to make it to Oceanos to have dinner on the beach at sunset, but everyone was exhausted so we napped it out.  Instead headed to Oceanos for dinner around 9pm, Oceanos is a mansion turned restaurant located on a beach in the heart of San Juan. The ambiance was amazing, the meals were kinda pricey, but the portions were huge and pretty dayym tasty. My to-go box lasted me 2 more meals so I guess it all worked out.  I would definitely recommend it if you happen to be in San Juan for a special occasional and feel like treating yourself.  I know I felt hella fancy, I usually go to Golden Corral on my birthday. There were several bars within walking distance of Oceanos so we did a lil bar hoping & enjoyed all the cheap drinks the bars in San Juan had to offer.  We ended up going back to the Thursday night area “La Placita” and it was all the way turned up. Thursday had 1 street of bars open, but Friday was BLOCKS of bars and clubs.  
Saturday afternoon we headed to Old San Juan. We found a $10 boat tour that took us along the city to Fort San Cristóbal and the operator gave us a quick history lesson on the area. 

Afterwards we walked through the market and the streets lined with beautifully colored buildings. As the sun set the doors of these buildings began to open and once again there was a sea of bars and clubs.  We ended up just staying in Old San Juan all night and walking & partying our lives away up and down the streets. 

Salsa Time
Sunday afternoon we headed to El Yunque Rainforest for a hike. It is about a 45min drive from San Juan and there are several waterfalls with moderate to difficult hikes.  A park ranger at the entrance directed us to a waterfall with a quick 20min hike.  The water was frekkin FREEZING, but as Prince would say, “You have to purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka El Yunque.” So we sucked it up and got in the dayym water.  Be sure to pack a bathing suit and shoes that you can both hike and swim in if you ever decide to Purify Yourself in El Yunque.
Afterwards we stopped at some gift shops and went to a road side eatery for frozen drinks and watched the sun set on the beach in Rio Grande. It was a beautiful sunset, but the mosquitos were BEAST so we weren’t there long. They were worse than the ninja assassin mosquitos in Trinidad.  I usually have a solid mosquito regiment, but I was ill prepared this trip.  I have no one to blame but myself for the 10 trillion bites I received. 

We went back to Condado, bought a bottle of rum and chillaxed on that mosquito free beach for a few hours, actually till we smashed the bottle… Liquor gone = party DONE! 
We wanted to hit the town on our last night in Puerto Rico but our options were limited.  We couldn’t find a true, large night club, so we headed to Old San Juan to see if any of the small bars had traffic.  It was pretty dead so we had drinks on a patio and then headed to La Placita.  The spot we ended up in Thursday night had a nice little crowd so we drank and partied our lives away until the venue closed. Afterwards we headed back home, I packed up my ish and headed to the airport cause I had work to do in ATL Monday afternoon. They kept the vybz going till Monday night, lucky bastards! 

My first trip to Puerto Rico and I truly enjoyed it.  The locals were OH SO nice, I wasn’t expecting that level of hospitality from everyone.

Quick Photo Recap 

My favorite part of any trip is the local alcohol I bring home for my bar!