Blue Smoke Mas: Atlanta Carnival 2016
My compadre Lingy aka Lingywashere and I were asked to help design costumes for a new Atlanta Carnival band called Blue Smoke Mas.  They are a small band that want to offer a more affordable carnival experience to those that want to play mas, but don’t want to spend $300 - $400+. 

Oh how I would love to be able to design some $800+ costumes, but I had a good time designing these.  They were pretty simple designs, like I said we were aiming to keep costs low.  If you follow my carnival tutorials then you've seen how I make the collars and leg pieces... and just like the leg piece, the belt design came from an unlikely place...

Here are a few stolen moments of us in the lab, enjoying some chunes and Jesus Juice. What can I say, even when I'm working I like to have a GOOD TIME!

If you dig the costumes & price and want to join us on the road for Atlanta Carnival you can Register Here: Blue Smoke Mas

PS:  We are still parading in Decatur with the rest of the awesome Decatur bands, you can find more information about the road march route on

Feel free to inbox me with any questions:


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