Atlanta Carnival 2016 fete list

I get asked this question a million times regarding ATL carnival weekend, "Wha gwan?"  This is for all the folks that need fete info.  This blog contains flyers to the carnival fetes I've come across and I’ll add more as I see them.  Its still early, many more fetes to be announced. 

I MUST shout out Cooler Fete although technically its not carnival weekend, this event officially kicks off carnival.  If you live in or near Atlanta and you miss Cooler Fete, you obviously don't care about life.
Before we begin the debauchery and bacchanal of Cooler Fete & adult carnival, let us first pretend to have some behavior and spread the carnival love to the kiddies.  Visit for more info.
Tropical Addiction is a weekly Thursday fete
Royal Lounge 2847 Buford Hwy NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30329
Just an FYI that although the event below carries the name "jouvert", there will be no paint, powda, wata, etc.  That's not to say that's its not a good event, its been going on year after year so it must be doing something right. I just don't want you to show up in your jouvert rags with a bottle of powda!
So by now you already know that Atlanta has two (2) carnivals, held on the same day, at the same dayym time, different locations.  I promise you that all your favorite bands will be at this route in Decatur. 

Blue Smoke Mas Band
If you want to join me and my pose in either a costume or a tshirt you can register for our band here.  (Includes unlimited alcohol, lunch, and entry into the carnival village after the parade)

Thrive is my year round Caribbean version of the Cheers bar/lounge.  You are always guaranteed a good time at Thrive on a Saturday night

Sunday Morning Breakfast Party = My weekend favorite
This year Sunday Morning is All-inclusive *whoop whoop* for those not familiar with the All-inclusive life, that means leave your $$$ at home cause you pay one price, then you drink and eat all you want at no additional cost at the fete.

Party Animalz = the return of an oldie but GOODIE!!!
Feel free to link the people below if you have questions.

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  1. Thanks a ton for this Atlanta Carnival 2016 fete list. I am so glad to know about these upcoming events. I want to attend such events with my family but in Seattle. So please share a list of upcoming shows at local Seattle Venues.