Quick and Easy DIY Carnival Boots

Up until 2 days before carnival I planned to wear my adorable red fringe boots on carnival Monday and Tuesday.  Although I was sure I had broken the books in, I decided to do a test and wear the boots on one of my long, nonstop days. About 3 hours in my toes started hurting and I knew I had to come up with a Plan B. 
Fringe vs No Fringe
Not having the time, energy, or materials to make an ALL IN design, I went through my left over materials basket and pulled out a few things to jazz up my red slouch boots. 
First I put a pearl trim over the front seams of the boots and then added left over yellow and orange feathers from the backpack I made. 
The result was cute, but I felt it needed a tad bit more bling so I added some silver trim to the back seam of the boot and added left over bling on a roll to the top.  *side note* I used tacky glue to glue the bling instead of hot glue so it wouldn't weight down the boots and make them sag.
I was tempted to add more unnecessary stuff, but decided to stop there.  Quick and easy boots to go with my Tribe/Caesar's Army: Venus Fly Trap costume