Quick & Cheap Miami getaway

Oh how I love Meejami, if I can’t get to the Caribbean, Miami is the next best thing.  Every morning I like to check Frontier & Skyscanner to see what the latest deal is and BOOM I found a $30 roundtrip flight from Atlanta to Miami on Frontier Air. If you don’t live in ATL, fret not Frontier and Spirit always have random kick ass deals outta random cities to Miami and plenty other locations.   These budget airlines aren’t giving you ANYTHING for free (other than ice and water) so make sure you don’t check a bag, you meet their requirements for carry-on bags, bring your own snacks, and buy a drink before you board… don’t forget to bring your 3 oz bottles full of your alcohol of choice.  Stay Thirsty My Friends

From MIA airport I caught the $2.65 Miami Beach Airport Flyer to South Beach, hit up the liquor store, Fat Tuesday and then spent the afternoon drinking and chillaxing on the beach.
After I was done soaking in the sand and sun, I caught an Uber ride across the bridge to downtown Miami and checked into the InterContinental using reward points.  Hopefully you recall me previously posting about how I get my free lodging by acquiring the credit cards of various hotels, charging whatever is required to get the free points and then dumping the card after I use all the free night stays.
I'm not driving so I can drink as much as I want!
After freshening up, I walked next door to the Bayside Marketplace for dinner, there is a restaurant called Tango grill in the food court that has AMAZING food. Save your $100 on the fancy Steak House and have yourself a $13 Argentine Steak with rice, salad, and plantain.  TRUST ME!!! There is a Fat Tuesday in the marketplace so of course I had to indulge again.  Stay Thirsty My Friends.
Went back to the hotel and got online to see who could provide me with the lowest cost resale ticket to that nights Miami Heat game.  Ticketmaster and the hotel front desk were selling 100 level for $100, but I found a 100 level $40 resale on vividseats.com Whoop whoop. I like to buy tickets about 2 hours before a game for a “low low” deal from a season ticket holder who can’t make the game, but hasn't managed to sell it for the marked up price.   
Enjoyed the game with some super cool locals who were seated next to me & drank my life away because of course I had a purse full of flasks (did I already mention that you should stay thirsty my friends?)    I stopped by the Bayside Marketplace while walking back to the hotel for some late night grub because it is full of restaurants and of course I had to reup on the Fat Tuesday.  Enjoyed the live entertainment while eating and boozing.  It would have been nice to hit the town afterwards, but sadly I was exhausted because there is a slight possibility that I may be getting old. 
In the morning I ventured out on foot for breakfast and pix and then chillaxed at the hotel pool before heading home that afternoon. 
And that my friends is a quick getaway for under $100. I now leave you with a recap video.
The cheap getaway to Miami I took 2 weeks ago *teeheehee*