DIY Bikini Alterations

Bikini b4 & after

Hey chicas,  have you ever come across a super cute bikini set were the top fit, but the bottom didn’t?  That was my dilemma today, but this bathing suit was too cute to let go.  It was also too good of a deal, an $80 Rampage bikini set for $15? #WINNING!!! 
My solution to the problem of the bottom being too small was to expand the bottom using some D-rings.  You can find D-rings (or O-rings if you chose) in craft and/or fabric stores (Michaels  or Hancock are some examples) for around $2.

So I cut the bathing suit & wrapped it around the D-rings (I had extra D-rings from making carnival belts, so I used a large D-ring in the back and a small D-ring in the front). I then used an old fashion thread & a needle to sew it back together (you can get a lil sewing kit from the Dollar Store if you don’t own one).   

I also have a 2nd option for those that don’t want to bother getting D-rings.  You can just wrap the bathing suit around a string/rope/ tie of some sort and sew it that way.  The safety pin in the pic below is just so I can show you an example of what I’m talking about.  PLEASE don’t safety pin your bathing suit and then have a Girls Gone Wild moment on di beach. 

Anywho, hope this $3 or $1 solution helps you next time you come across a slightly too small bikini bottom.  Ta-Ta until our next DIY…

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