Atlanta Carnival 2015

I know I’m late as sh*t with this carnival recap, SUE ME!  Just kidding, don’t sue me, I’m poor.   Sorry I’m so late with the blog, I was locked up in a carnival rehabilitation center. Anywho, I had a LOT going on carnival weekend and I really didn’t attend as many carnival parties as I usually do. Sadly I didn’t make it to the Wednesday evening Army fete, as much as I love camo #DAMMIT!!!  I have no one to blame but myself cause I went out for happy hour and got TWISTED and just wanted to sleep the evening away.  IMA do better 2016, promise!!! Anywho, made to to Flag-o-rama on Thursday and got it in with the crew.  I don't remember alot about that night, dont judge me *Le sigh*  blame it on di rum!
Friday night was the new jouvert called Powder Fete.  I’m not gonna lie to you, it was indoors and that was not really a good thing.  It was in a warehouse type building with very high ceilings so at first you could breathe easily with all the powder in the air, but eventually the air got too thick and breathing was No Easy.  If they could secure an outdoor location next year I would be Oh So happy.  The line was outta control for reasons I couldn’t understand, we partied at the same venue the night before and entrance was easy breezy.  The DJs and vybz inside were nice!  As with usual jouvert tradition, the crew and I had a parking lot fete which was a frekkin blast.  Rum flowing and soca blasting from the subwoofer.  I would say this night was a good one in the end. 

Carnival Saturday:  I’m going to start off by addressing the fact that Atlanta has two carnivals and The Good Carnival was relocated to Decatur.  In order to maintain my sanity, I try not to dwell too long on situations that are beyond my control, so I'm not as vexed as others.  I had a pretty good darn time in Decatur this year.  I hear the police reported that there were no “incidents” at carnival, that’s a good thing.  I had chunes, I had my crew, and I had plenty plenty rum!  That’s all I really need to have a good time.  I shall repost what I previously said about the Atlanta carnival situation.

As I'm sure you are aware, Atlanta has two carnivals. I know, I know!  There is nothing we can do about that, so we won’t dwell on it.  I know a lot of people are concerned because our carnival will not be held in downtown Atlanta this year, DON’T PANIC!  Did you know that carnival has not always been held downtown and we had a dayym good time at the other locations? I want to comfort you by telling you about the other great Atlanta things that are not located in Atlanta.  Did you now that the Atlanta Airport is not located in Atlanta?  The Atlanta Motor Speedway is not located in Atlanta. The Atlanta Steeplechase is not held in Atlanta.  The Atlanta Braves will soon no longer play in Atlanta. Many of the Atlanta Ballet performances are not held in Atlanta.  Six flags over Georgia which many people travel  to Atlanta to visit is not located in Atlanta.  Stay strong my friends, the three ingredients to a good time are Good Chunes, Good Liquor, and Good Friends... we will be A-ok!!!   Visit for more info.

Maybe one day Atlanta carnival will gets its life together, sadly today it not that day! This year all the bands started out in a big lot which made it much easier to link up with friends in other bands.  Usually the bands are lined up on the streets and are blocks and blocks away from each other so we can’t go back and forth.  The crew decided to do t-shirts this year.  I wish I had a pic of the entire crew because it was about 30 of us, so you can imagine we woulda had a blast even if we were the only people on di road.   Here is my recap video of di road.

Did you notice the feather collars from my previous post?  Cut up t-shirts, pum pum shorts, and a feather collar is the new T-shirt Section Frontline!!!  I also made a few collars for folks in costumes and I had to showcase this beauty, she rocked that dayym collar.  If you wanna know how to make your own collar click here or just paypal me some $$$ and I’ll make one for you. 

I didn’t make it out Saturday night because I had to be up at 6am the next morning to set up for the Sunday morning Breakfast party.  I love this fete, but I didn’t really get to party hard while there.  Lemme explain…my bro and I have a side gig called Ice Cream Fete  *shameless plug* its rum infused ice-cream and the breakfast fete was a perfect place to be a vendor cause around 10am its gets HOT in HOTlanta!!!   I did have a good time in the comfort of my vendor tent with all the wonderful people that stopped by to say hello and get some ice-cream to help them survive the heat. 

That’s it for my carnival weekend.  Left the breakfast fete around 3pm and my drunk azz slept the rest of the day away (Yes I was drinking on the job, but so was my coworker).  Monday was spent making some ice-cream fete deliveries and attending a BBQ.  Like I said before, 2016 Ima do better!!!  Forgive me!!!

PS:  Although this event is technically the weekend before carnival weekend, I have to give a shout out to the BEST fete of di year.  Demolition Crew Cooler Fete is the official start of ATL carnival.  Lawd Lawd Lawd, the foolishness that happens at this fete.  Cooler fete is all about being extra extra WOTLESS!!!

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