More DIY Feather Collars

Sooooooooooooo I decided to stop procrastinating and knock these remaining feather collars out!  These collars were made to match our Atlanta carnival tshirts.  A few lovely ladies decided to join me in the “Cut up tshirt, turned into a costume section” like I did for Jamaica carnival 2015 and ATL carnival 2013.  All these collars were pretty much made the same so I am only going to do a tutorial for one.

Started with the cardboard frame cut in an oval shape.  Hot glued the metal wire for support and then upholstered one side.  Glue black ribbon to the bottom of both sides so that the final product can be tied to the masqueraders back
Found in the "framing" aisle of Home Depot
upholstered side

Glued about 50 blue & black rooster feathers

Glue one yard of yellow feather trim with the feathers facing down.

Glued one yard of black feather trim with the feathers facing up.
 Glue one yard of gold trim chain for finish it off.

I decided to make the collar that I’m wearing slightly different.  I went with a lot less feathers, but bigger feathers.  Ignore that one feather that is just doing his own dayym thing.  I named him Ted and I’ll deal with Ted later!

Video tutorial of a different collar


  1. Can i make my own diy costume and wear it to miami broward carnival? Do you know if there would be any issues? Its just for 2 pple and for our first time we don't want to join the band since wwe're not to sure about the procedure. Plus your diy projects look super fun!

    1. We made our own costumes miami a 2013. We jumped in all the bands and had no problems. We play mas with http:// but registration hasn't started yet.

  2. This is awesome thank you for sharing!

  3. How do you get it to stay on? I think I saw that you glued ribbon on and I assume u tie it at the back. Could you go into a bit more detail with that please? Great blog btw...

  4. Charleston, SC has a Carnival June 23, 2018 and they would like Masqueraders to join them. Check out there website,