DIY Feather collar tutorial

I made this video about 2 months ago, but after watching it I thought, "You're Corny!!!"  I put the video in a far far away place, never to be shared.  As I made collars for customers for Atlanta carnival, I was asked many questions about my bootleg system of making collars.  If you know me personally you know I don't have the best social skills and I consider too many questions "an interrogation" and I rather just direct people to a link. 

The final product on di road after some lite rain (we know what rain does to feathers)

PS:  I really cant explain why I like working on the floor of my bedroom.  I literally have a spacious desk that goes unused while I slum it on the floor. 
Where I buy cheap feathers?  Vendors from China on eBay and Amazon.  Takes about 30 days to arrive, but so much cheaper that the US vendors I've found.  Feel free to share any cheap domestic vendors you know of. 


  1. the featherguy on ebay is a great domestic feather retailer, quality good and shipping fast.. even when the description says imperfect them feathers stil look amazing

    1. Hi Tiff,

      Have a link for the feather guy?


    sorry just saw this i hope it works