DIY Carnival Boots #7

This boot was definitely one of my easier creations, made to go with the Madd Colors 2015 Honolulu front line costume below. 
Just like when you are painting your nails and you start with a base coat, the first step when painting boots is always primer.
After a coat of primer I painted the boots silver.  I didn't bother to paint the parts that I knew would later be upholstered. 
Pink sequence fabric over the front, heel, straps and top back of the boot
 Bling on a string around the front fabric and silver trim around the fabric on the heel. 
Added some bling to the front, my drink decided to photo bomb the pic #StayThirstyMyFriends
 And just like that it was done, kinda sorta.  The feathers that come with the costume are too good to go to waste so the boots are designed to have the feathers added later.  
 This is what the final product will look like after the owner picks up her costume and adds the feather leg pieces.  #BulletBullet 

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