Bacchanal Jamaica Carnival 2015

I had initially said that I was not going to Do the Double this year (#DoTheDouble is doing Trinidad and Jamaica carnival back to back), but I was talked into going by my friend Reese.  She really didn’t have much convincing to do.  She asked once and I declined, she asked a couple days later and I was like, “ok ok, I’m in!”  I don’t need to explain to you guys how much I love carnival.  I’ve said it before and I shall say it again, Jamaica is my 2nd favorite carnival as it comes at 1/3 the price of Trinidad carnival but doesn’t lack on the fun factor (I had free lodging this year, but paid $1,300 total Jamaica Carnival 2014). 

Landed Thursday evening, went home to change and were off to Blocko.  *wait wait wait *  Selecta Reeeeeewind…  Kingston airport now has automated immigration kiosks, so customs was EAZY frekkin BREEZY.  They are along the wall past the visitors and citizens customs lines so keep on walking past the long lines you see.  After customs I went straight to duty free for a dirt cheap bottle of Wray and Nephew Overproof rum or as it is simply know as in Jamaica “White Rum.” 

As I was saying, we landed Thursday evening, went home to change and were off to Blocko.  I skipped Blocko 2014 because Pandemonium was moved to the same day.  This year Pandemonium was held at Hope Gardens which I knew would mean NO Paint or Powder so I didn’t mind skipping it and doing Blocko instead.  It was refreshing to run into so many familiar faces, so soon.  All my carnivalians were in the buildAng which mean Good Times!  A new addition this year was Vale, the Blocko after party midnight till 5am.  This event lacked the vybz you expect from a Vale event, but it was food inclusive which helped me get my life together after leaving the drinks inclusive Blocko.  Basically I drank and then ate like a champ Thursday.  I was however exhausted since I had been up and on the go for about 22 hours. 
Woke up surprisingly early Friday and Reese’s mom had a kick azz Jamaican breakfast waiting for me.  I felt like I was staying as a quaint bed and breakfast. 
We maxed and relaxed in bed most of Friday, stock piling energy for the weekend I suppose.  Around 4pm we headed to mas camp to pick up our road march tshirts. Mas camp took about 2 hours and then we headed off to Scorch _uck Work.  Scorch _uck Work was also a new addition to the Jamaica carnival fete list.  It was surprisingly cheap with a $20 price tag.  It was a cooler fete so we brought our bottle of White Rum and just bought chasers at the fete.  Left feeling niiiiice and only spent like $5. I have zero complaint about Scorch.  They brought the vybz as always, had the best DJs, and a sexy venue.
Power nap after Scorch and at 2am it was off to the legendary Caesar’s Army AMBush, this year the theme was Super Roman and everyone was encouraged to wear capes and masks.  So I will start by quoting Benji

Soca does give meh meh powers
Make me jump and fete fi hours
Soca does give meh meh powers
Drink meh rum and share with others
Fete fi hours, soca powers Is a wonder feeling
J-lava of Dei Musicale
I felt compelled to set my inner villain free so I went with Maleficent horns and of course I had to have her raven (I love props), in case you were wondering WTF is going on.

As Skinny Fab said, “Is this a fete or is this a madhouse? Why these humans behave like animals?”  What is it about paint and powder that turns carnivalians into mad people?   Oddly enough I had NO incidents at Ambush.  I didn’t fall in the woods, I didn’t break any gadgets, I didn’t lose any gadgets, I didn’t misplace any friends.  Sadly I can’t say the same for the people I was with.  Jouvert casualties that we shall not speak of *teeheehee*
lil yellow Mustang
After AmBush a lot of people headed off to Sunrise Breakfast fete.  I went last year after AMBush, was exhausted and definitely didn’t get my $60 worth.  This year we went to the beach and it was fantabulous.  The beach was not lined with mansions, large hotels, or tourist attractions. Instead it was lined with little shacks of restaurants serving local delights and I must say, it felt like Home aka Panama! Of course I brought Mr. Bose so we jammed, swam, and nap’d till the batteryz ran out and then it was Party Done! 

After the beach it was an afternoon of much needed rest and then Bazodee.  As Alison Hinds said, “The iron have me so Bazodee!!!”      Bazodee is always the fanciest event of the weekend, which is why I find the name so funny, it really doesn’t match the event.  Ate and drank like a champ as the food is always plentiful at this event.  Nothing has changed from what I’ve said in previous years.  Frenchman always bring upscale vybz, its worth the $$$.
 I have to start off by saying about a month before Jamaica carnival this year someone told me that they heard that I got kicked out of Jamaica carnival last year.  That was quite entertaining.  If that happened, believe me I would have blogged about it.  I blog about everything that happens at carnival, good or bad.  But I am honored to know that people sit around the fireplace telling spooky Panama Soundwave stories lmfao  *ok steps off high horse*

People are often baffled as to why the Bacchanal Jamaica tshirt sections are in the $200 range.  You have to put things into perspective, you are getting 12 hours of unlimited alcohol; breakfast, lunch and dinner; security; road march vybz, vybz, vybz; and a masqueraders only after party!!!  Jamaica carnival 2013 I was really inspired by the way the girls cut and redesign their tshirts that I did the same for Atlanta carnival that year.  Jamaica carnival 2014 I made my own costume, this year Reese and I got tshirts and converted them into our own creations.   It was fun turning my tshirt into my costume and will be doing the same for Atlanta carnival this year. 
the homie DJ Private Ryan
I always suffer some time of carnival casualty.  Barbados I broke my personal cell phone and my medium camera, Trinidad I broke my work cell and lost my brand spankin new Go Pro Hero4. Why should Jamaica be any different?  I lost the Ray Bans my bro Paco bought me for Xmas that I rarely wear. All the other glasses I own are either free or under $10, but Nooooooooo the Ray Bans gotta go bye bye . THIS is why I don’t buy expensive stuff.  I ALMOST bought a replacement Go Pro, I literally had it in my Amazon shopping cart and was about to hit the SUBMIT button, but I came to the conclusion that I am not responsible enough during carnival and bought an $80 pink DBPower SJ4000 Wi-Fi which looks like a GoPro from a distance lololol  It fits all my GoPro accessories,  has an LCD screen, and the video quality is A-ok with me!

 Of course I have to leave you with a recap video of the carnival weekend.  These videos really help me manage my tabanca through the year. 
I always say the 3 ingredients to a good time are (1) Good Music (2) Good Booze and (3) Good Friends.  Another amazing carnival experience in the record books and I want to thank the awesome people in the photos and video.  See you guys at Atlanta carnival, Hollywood carnival, and Miami carnival.  This week I ALMOST booked a flight to Bahamas carnival, but had to slap some sense into myself.  This carnival addiction is gonna have me living outta a cardboard box.