Trinidad Carnival 2015

Not to toot my own horn, but I think we did such a good job of capturing footage from the fetes, jouverts and road march that I really don’t need to say much or post many pix about T&T 2015. 
For those not from the Caribbean, I would like to start by saying that Carnival = Bacchanal
Bacchanal: is an occasion of wild and drunken revelry.

So we switched up the schedule a lil and instead of arriving on Wed, Paco & I arrived Thursday nite.  The good thing about arriving late is that your costume and jouvert packages have already been picked up for you and you arrive only needing to fete fete fete. Touchdown in Trinidad popp’n my collar, thinking I’m an OG, definitely a carnival pro… “I Got This”  T&T carnival laughed at my arrogance and reminded me a price must be paid for having the best time of your life. Anyway, as expected it was a mutha *BEEPn* blast, a week spent with good my friend & dem. 
Arrived Thursday night and it was straight to Tribe Ignite, a fete I haven’t done since 2011. As you can see in the video, Tribe was REAL VYBZ. Tribe Ignite was incident free and the amount of fun had was surely an indicator of the amazing week ahead. 

Friday afternoon it was the Bright Colors Boat Ride.  Something about being on the ocean, drinks free flowing, & soca blasting that unleashes everyone’s inner Wotless Beast.  As Skinny Fab would say, “The Beast Let Go” The main party was upstairs on the boat, but we made the entire downstairs our own personal VIP and as you can see, “Turned the mutha out” What I loved about this fete is that it was insanely affordable. 

RepJA shirt

Saturday aka Valentine’s Day around 3am it was off to AM Bush, always my favorite fete.  I really don’t need to say much about AM Bush, honestly I don’t really remember much about AMBush. Don’t judge me!  I don’t recall seeing J Lava, but I have video and a photo with him.  Paco managed to walk about 1 mile past the AM Bush end point and we spent a good hour looking for him. It was only later after I decided that we must leave him there in the jungle to become a vagabond, then we found him as we proceeded to drive home.   

Dei Musicale: J-Lava
After AMBush Rocky said something about the wig she was wearing at Ambush and gave me the side eye.  I asked for further explanation and she informed me that she took her wig off and I proceeded to put it on random people and eventually one of them ran off with the wig. This was later confirmed in my videos, my bad.
 Later in the day I asked Rocky if I fell at AM Bush cause my knee was hurting.  She informed me that I went to pee in the bush (again don’t judge me) and I fell.  This was later confirmed in my videos, oh the hilarity.  By the end of the week I would have bruises all over my body that could not be accounted for.
The struggle
After AM Bush it was a quick change of clothes and then off to DJ Private Ryan’s party Brainwash where we partied till sunset.  I think that is where I saw the most familiar faces. The party started off slow, it’s hard to start back drinking when you were drinking all morning, but eventually we got it in and again “Turned the mutha out.”  After Brainwash a couple of the crew members went to another fete, but I learned my lesson last year and went to bed knowing that we had a breakfast fete at 5am. 
Sleep wherever you can
DJ Private Ryan
Craig Chung & Charmaine
Trini Jungle Juice
5am to noon Sunday was Shades Breakfast Party.  Unlike last year, I was well rested and ready to drink drink drink and fete fete fete.  My favorite thing about Shades (other than the booze) is the Wet Zone,  oh I love a good Wet Fete.  
For reasons that I can’t really explain we left the all-inclusive fete and went to a bar and kept drinking. 
 Then we went to Rocky’s moms house and I proceeded to climb the coconut tree in the back year.  Something I do every time I’m there

Ok now it was time to put our game faces on, NO MO F*ckin Around!!!  It was off to bed cause it was almost time for Jouvert Morning.  Lawd lawd lawd how I love jouvert.  So about 2am-7am we were out throwing paint and powder like drunken mad men (and ooomen). I just want to note that I had so much fun jouvert morning that I lost my brand new GoPro Hero 4 camera.  I’m so hurt about the lost footage, I captured some really epic sh*t.  Le Sigh!  Anyway, as much as we would have loved to keep party’n till 10am, we had to head back to get ready for carnival Monday. 

We pulled a bootleg move and walked to the Hilton to shower up so we could then get a cab.  I use to be team Hilton when I stayed in Trinidad, but the Hyatt has my heart now.  Anywho, the hotels make you shower outside before they let you enter the hotel so we pretended like we were guests, took a shower and then hop’d in a cab.  Muahahaha
Carnival Monday continued as we touched di road with Tribe and linked up with more friends.  Carnival Monday is frekkin brutal I tell you.  A nap in the grass IS A MUST!!!  Don’t judge me!  Wanna hear some crazy ish?  I don’t drink liquor a good portion of Carnival Monday and Tuesday.  The sun is BLAZING, you are walking & dancing for endless miles.  As the sun begins to set and it gets cooler, that’s when I start pushing back the liquor.  I consume more water Carnival Monday and Tuesday than I probably do all year long.  I’m out there having a blast just off pure adrenalin. Carnival Monday ended around 7pm as we headed home to do all this ish over again on Tuesday.   
FYI, Paco is the camera person behind all the booty pix and video compellation

Carnival Tuesday we are out on the road about 7am, being that the sun was not blazing yet I seized the moment and had several drinky drinks.  The day seemed to fly by, it was a dayym good time.   
Miss Candy Coated and Mr. Caesar's Army
Sadly I did not take a pic with two of my favorite people Elton & Winston aka my V.I. bodyguards so I had to improvise. 
I may not have  gotten a pic with the VI crew, but I did however find a pic of the Carnival Doc - Rhadi Ferguson in action *giving me some wicked wine* 
I usually wear a backpack that holds all my ish, but because I was wearing wings this year Paco had all my stuff in his backpack. Even tho I know better than to travel without vex $$$ I left everything in Paco’s bag.  Around 7pm I lose Paco, we were literally about to call it an evening. After losing him I decided to stay with the band rather than walk back alone.  I somehow managed to repeat my lost incident of 2011, at least this time I am a much more seasoned masquerader.  The band was in St James so I stayed with them until they went back close to the Savannah.  Since the day ends at Last Lap (an after party) around 8pm, I figured What They Hell, I might as well go inside and party just a tad bit more.  Surprise surprise who do I see inside Last Lap?  None other than Reese.  Tribe/Bliss is very strict about not letting non masqueraders in, but this resourceful young lady befriended a member of the security squad.  I party’d with Reese until around 9pm, that’s when exhaustion started to hit me, I walked to the nearby Hilton and caught a taxi home.  I had no phone, no $$$, but thank GOD I knew exactly where I was going and guided the driver there and he waited from me to go inside and get $$$. What A Day!!!
This is usually were the story ends because Ash Wednesday we usually catch a flight home.  Not this year boo, Party Not Done!!!  Wednesday morning is was a quick flight to Tobago to keep party’n.  This was my 7th trip to Trinidad and I was determined to FINALLY touch Tobago.  FYI book your flights to Tobago EARLY.  Can’t tell you how many people I knew that waited too long and all Tobago flights were sold out. 


First we did the Overboard Cruise to the Nylon Pool: an in-sea shallow white ground coral pool that is located off Pigeon Point, Tobago, and is accessible by boat. Its name is derived from its resemblance to a swimming pool.  This event had a series of issues ranging from delayed start time, to rough seas, and very delayed arrival of food.  After the booze kicked in we really didn’t care anymore. 
After the Overboard Cruise we hijacked the Candy Coated Cruise located on No Man’s Land, we arrived just as Machel Montano was performing and partied with them until sunset.    Good thing we booked a late flight back to POS cause a lot of mofo's missed their flights tryn to thief that last wine.

I know by now you are probably exhausted from all this reading, but I’m sorry to inform you that it’s not over yet.  After returning to Trinidad we spent the next couple days relaxing at the Hyatt.  Remember when mentioned how much I love the Hyatt, they won my heart back in 2013 when I went down for Trinidad Independence Weekend.  Anyway, I tweeted a pic of me pouring rum in my daiquiri and instead of telling me NO NO, they Hyatt basically retweeted me a High Five!
From here I just maxed and relaxed and kept on consuming mass quantities of rum.  Spent a lil time on Di Ave, a lil time on the balcony, and a lot of time by the pool.



Meanwhile it was18 degrees in ATL
See you next year T&T , but until then what do you guys say we #DoTheDouble aka Jamaica Carnival???


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  3. This is the best commentary ever!!! Thank you for everything you've posted. First time in Trinidad, Carnival and playing mas.