DIY: Refurbished Carnival Costumes

If you have ever played mas you will understand when I say these 3 costumes above total about $1,500 and it would be such a waste to let them collect dust in a closet.   I usually disassemble old costumes and repurpose the materials when constructing new DIY costumes.  For these I used bits and pieces of old costumes, made some new parts and allowed them to be featured at a local event. 

I had to make a smaller bra for the model of this event, so I started with a basic black bra and added some simple gold trim. The costume (Tribe Envy 2015) was so dayym sexy I needed to K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple Stupid).  This was probably one of the simplest items I’ve ever made. 
Next is one you have seen several times in various stages.  I’ve provided the links to the bra and belt bra.  I was in such in a rush to push out product for this event, I didn’t have time to properly document the creation of the feather collar.  Below is a brief How To, but I also included a link to a previous Feather Collar I made. 
I’m starting to get the hang of this, no more paying $100-200 for collar additions from carnival  bands.  Link to Bra DIY; Link to Belt DIY; Link to a similar Feather Collar DIY
Collar How To:
1)      Cut rounded shape from a cardboard box
2)      Cut and hot glued wire to the shape of the cardboard
3)      Upholstered the cardboard with fabric
4)      Glued a white trim along bottom half of collar that will be used to secure the collar against the models back
5)      Glued feathers to the shape of the collar
6)      Glued black trim the inside of the collar to secure the feathers in place
7)      Glued silver trim to make it a lil sparkly 

The next bra was made with the bra above for an event last year.  The headpiece and collar are from the DIY costume I made for Atlanta Carnival 2014

AG Entertainment
It was a good time getting my creative juices flowing, the models were super awesome.


  1. Chica your calling!! Telling Ya for years Ya bad bad bad!!!

  2. This is ART!!!! I am creating my costumes now. This has been a great help. Lets keep our tradition aliveand play mass in these outstanding creation s. I love it! Signed Phat Karat!!