Cowgirl for a day

Some of my fellow ATL nomads decided to rent a cabin in the north Georgia mountains on Friday, the 13th.  Me being the wise woman that I am opted to come up the morning of Saturday the 14th instead, I know what goes down in the woods on Friday the 13th! 
I’m not gonna lie, I went to Pinterest to research some “cabin attire”  I wanted to make sure I looked the part.  I don’t own any flannel so this light plaid shirt was the closest I could get, but jeans, riding boots and a scarf were a must. 
My city slicker peeps and I went horseback riding at  $30 for a 1 ½ ride, it was a great deal and the ride was quite enjoyable.  I can definitely say that this adventure was off the beaten path. 
City Slicker Selfie
We then went exploring through small town America.  Where else but small town America can you buy guns and drugs at the same place?  The time warp started off cool, but then it got kinda creepy and we opted to haul azz back to our cabin before we came up missing.  They don’t even sell liquor in small town America.  YIKES!!!
Back to our lush 3 floor cabin overlooking beautiful mountains and a river (maybe it was a stream iDunno).  I spent a quiet, romantic afternoon/evening alone with my travel compadre Lil Yellow Mustang lounging on the balcony and enjoying plenty plenty Bacardi and blasting Carib chunes while the homies drank and partied their lives away in the hot tub. 
Although my first trip to the woods was very brief, I would definitely do it again.    

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