Atlanta Carnival 2015 fete list

I get asked this question a million times regarding ATL carnival weekend, "What ah gwan?"  This is for all the folks that need fete info.  This blog contains the flyers to all the carnival fetes I've come across and the spreadsheet below is MY fete list. 
Before we begin the debauchery and bacchanal of adult carnival, let us first pretend to have some behavior and spread the carnival love to the kiddies.  Visit for more info.
If you have been living under rock and don't know that the Demolition Crew Cooler Fete is the fete of all fetes, then please feel free to read my blog regarding Cooler Fete 2014
$30 tix can be purchased from a vendor listed on the flyer or you can buy a $45 package from
Flag o Rama = My choice for Thursday night
I personally don't want to see azz & titties, but if that's your thing, then day party your life away my friends!  Don't forget to being plenty $1's

Powder Fete = my choice for Friday night
Atlanta now has TWO jouverts, the new Powder Fete Jouvert above will be held in Lithonia.  I'm looking forwarding to trying out this new jouvert.   FYI to those that previously attended the jouvert held at Morris Brown, the promoters of that event have moved it to Decatur. 
Although the event below carries the name "jouvert" it is not truly a jouvert, there will be no paint, powda, wata, etc.  That's not to say that's its not a good event, I just don't want you to be expecting something that you wont get.
As I'm sure you are aware, Atlanta has two carnivals. I know, I know!  There is nothing we can do about that, so we wont dwell on it.  I know a lot of people are concerned because our carnival will not be held in downtown Atlanta this year, DON’T PANIC!  Did you know that carnival has not always been held downtown and we had a dayym good time at the other locations? I want to comfort you by telling you about the other great Atlanta things that are not located in Atlanta.  Did you now that the Atlanta Airport is not located in Atlanta?  The Atlanta Motor Speedway is not located in Atlanta. The Atlanta Steeplechase is not held in Atlanta.  The Atlanta Braves will soon no longer play in Atlanta. Many of the Atlanta Ballet performances are not held in Atlanta.  Six flags over Georgia which many people travel  to Atlanta to visit is not located in Atlanta.  Stay strong my friends, the three ingredients to a good time are Good Chunes, Good Liquor, and Good Friends... we will be A-ok!!!   Visit for more info.
The Breakfast Party is another one of my carnival weekend favorites
Feel free to link the people below if you have questions.


  1. Hi there. My name is Andia. I'm a proud trini living here in Atlanta too. This is my first year playing mas here so I'm ready to see what de road is like. I was just wondering what fete you recommend for saturday night. Thanks for making this list btw. It was so helpful!

  2. Jouvert at the Atrium is always LIVE!!!!! Even without powda, wata, etc. Fayann never disappoints!