DIY Monday Wear - Kuna Molas

This year my Carnival Monday wear is a tribute to my homeland of Panama.  If you have never been to Panama, this blog includes a quick history lesson:
A mola frabric sewn on a white lace bra (the same white lace bra worn Carnival Monday 2014, I’m on a budget).  Molas are part of the traditional dress of Kuna Indians of Panama. With approximately 60,000 members the Kuna represent the largest indigenous group in Panama.  Kuna women, who, by selling their Molas, are responsible for the main part of the family income.
Recycled carnival belt where I added Molas to the front and back and also a tiny bit of a tribal fabric on the sides. 

For the hair I happened across this set of napkin holders on clearance for $16 and as soon as I saw them I thought, OMG they look just like tembleques.
Used by women at folk festivals, tembleques are part of the handmade pollera, Panama’s national costume.  The highly decorated costume is complemented by los tembleques, a spectacular artistic show piece of hair ornaments.  Tembleques are created from an underlying supportive framework of hairpins and wires, covered by hundreds of tiny colorful glass beads, miniature pearls, and shimmering fish scales. 
A complete set of tembleques that covers the entire head could cost several hundred $$$. The green tembleque below is $35 alone and I got 4 big ones for the low low.

And there you have it folks , an unconventional yet traditional’ish & very personal Monday wear. 

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