DIY Carnival Boots #6

Tribe : Envy
After a serious Procrastinators Anonymous meeting I finally got around to making my boots for carnival Tuesday.  Band: Tribe, section: Envy. Here is the step by step… Started with a pair of brown boots, as always I primed em, thenspray painted em gold. 
Below are some of the tools for this project.  Black feathers and some feathers spray painted gold . Black gems, black bling on a string, black rope, and cheetah trim. 
Glued the feathers to the side of the boots, layered the black rope around it, then added bling on a string to the heel.  
I managed to run out of bling on a string on the very last row of the 2nd boots so I had to get a lil bootleg and paint another  color bling on a string black.  I was seriously not about to buy an entire new roll when I just needed a tiny amount.  
  Mid-project time out for a selfie
Felt like the boots were still missing something so I added some black trim to the top and drew some lil swirly thingyz with black acrylic paint. 



  1. what did you use to prime the boots? was is another spray type primer