DIY Carnival Boots #5

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Someone asked me to design their Trinidad carnival boots and I agreed because she gave me complete creative freedom.  Usually when someone asks me to design something for them it goes like this:

Them:  I want it to be like this, and look like that, and yada yada yada
Me: NO!  That’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works

Basically I want you to pay me to create whatever my heart desires.  Makes no sense right?  Lololol  Anywho, these boots shoulda took me 2 – 3 days to finish, but my procrastinating azz left em in the corner for 2 weeks & party’d my life away, so now I only have 1 week before Trinidad carnival to design my boots and  Monday wear.  Good thing I work well under pressure. 

I can’t really say I had a vision for the boots, I just wanted to use lots of different shades of blue and lots of different textures.  I know I kinda over did it on the textures, but Hey Its Carnival… go big or go home!!! 

2 rows of bling on a string, 1 row of trim, 1 row of fringe, some feathers, some cirlces, and some stars, and gems

I know I was really doing THE MOST with this small strip of jewels, strip of silver trim, and THEN topped off with a blue feather.  I was feeling extra sparkly at the time. 
I really hope she likes it! She is in remote Africa right now, so I can even get a thumbs or down from her. *don't panic*

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