Atlanta Carnival 2015: Band Launches

I love that more and more people are realizing the awesomeness of carnival and wanting to join us Carnival Junkies in the fun. I personally would lose my dayyym mind if I didn't play mas atleast 5-6 times a year.  I have a lot of people link me for carnival information through the year so I wanted a centralized place where I could direct everyone.  The list below contains the band launches for Atlanta Carnival.  For those not in the know, a band launch is where the various bands reveal their costumes for carnival.  Yeah they could just drop the costumes on a website and let us order, but Caribbean people love an excuse to FETE FETE FETE!!!     So these are the Don't Miss fetes that lead up to carnival.  Most of you know that I play with Madd Colors, but you should play with whatever band  your heart desires.  One Love! I have friends in all the bands.

Atlanta Carnival will be relocating to Decatur this year, I don't mind because I have been attending / participating in Atlanta Carnival for many years and at many different locations throughout Atlanta.  I just want to drink & be merry!  Be sure to follow for the latest carnival info.  I'll post another blog with the carnival fetes later down di road. 

Island Fuzzion Carnival Band Launch Day Party
Sesame has already launched but you can register here
FYI: Stay Tuned for Kiddies Carnival
Kiddies carnival always melts my heart, takes me back to my youth

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  1. I will be in your town 3/11-3/16 can you email at when you have a chance