The Carnival Doctor of TriniJungleJuice Interview

So honored to be asked by the Carnival Doctor – Rhadi Bullard Ferguson Phd to give a quick interview about my carnival lifestyle for Trini Jungle Juice.  Rhadi is such a great guy, so easy to talk to.  I was just speaking extra freely that afterwards I worried that I came off as an arrogant mad oooman.
Rhadi asked if there was ever a time that I missed a carnival that I was supposed to attend and my answer was flat out NO!  Now there are circumstances that should have had me missing carnival, but I wasn’t going to let that happen, carnival is my life. 
1)      I am in school at Georgia State University and have been forever,  I have had to drop out because there were tests that conflicted with carnival and missing the tests would have caused me to fail the class.  Yes DROPPED school vs. skipping carnival. 
2)      When trying to decide on a wedding date my best friend picked the weekend of Miami carnival.  Her wedding was in Jamaica, I told her I would fly in wedding morning and fly out that very same night.  I wouldn’t dare ask her to change her wedding date, but 1 day away from carnival is all I can give her. She ended up picking another date. 
3)      My brother Paco said if his job ever told him that he couldn’t take leave for carnival he would quit his job.  His resume is a lot more impressive than mine so I don’t know if I could go as far as to immediately quit.  But I surely would start looking for a new job in hopes that I found something that would allow me to still attend carnival.   
Trini Jungle

Rhadi Bullard Ferguson Phd

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