Myles Kingston Sadler - Little Bob Marley

Myles Kingston Sadler
I want to introduce you to a very extraordinary young man, Myles Kingston Sadler aka lil Bob Marley. 

Myles Kingston Sadler (born 19 December 2012 in Atlanta, GA) was born to a Haitian & Cuban mother and a Jamaican & American father.  His parents have a deep love of Caribbean music and Myles has been listening to Bob Marley since he was in the womb.  His hobbies include watching Barney, eating saltine crackers, touching things he is not supposed to touch, playing peak a boo with his little brother, and reenacting Bob Marley performances (as seen below).

Myles Kingston Sadler = Rudeboi from birth
Myles attended his first Marley concert before he was even born and he even got to meet Stephen Marley after the show (kinda sorta). Can you spot Myles under his momma's pink shirt???
Since taking his love of Bob Marley online, Myles has made lots of new friends that love Bob Marley as much as he does.  I invite you to follow the chronicles of Myles Kingston Sadler on Instagram at:
Hashtag: #MylesKingston

One Love
Being born & raised in Atlanta, he also loves the ATL Falcons