The Carnival Doctor of TriniJungleJuice Interview

So honored to be asked by the Carnival Doctor – Rhadi Bullard Ferguson Phd to give a quick interview about my carnival lifestyle for Trini Jungle Juice.  Rhadi is such a great guy, so easy to talk to.  I was just speaking extra freely that afterwards I worried that I came off as an arrogant mad oooman.
Rhadi asked if there was ever a time that I missed a carnival that I was supposed to attend and my answer was flat out NO!  Now there are circumstances that should have had me missing carnival, but I wasn’t going to let that happen, carnival is my life. 
1)      I am in school at Georgia State University and have been forever,  I have had to drop out because there were tests that conflicted with carnival and missing the tests would have caused me to fail the class.  Yes DROPPED school vs. skipping carnival. 
2)      When trying to decide on a wedding date my best friend picked the weekend of Miami carnival.  Her wedding was in Jamaica, I told her I would fly in wedding morning and fly out that very same night.  I wouldn’t dare ask her to change her wedding date, but 1 day away from carnival is all I can give her. She ended up picking another date. 
3)      My brother Paco said if his job ever told him that he couldn’t take leave for carnival he would quit his job.  His resume is a lot more impressive than mine so I don’t know if I could go as far as to immediately quit.  But I surely would start looking for a new job in hopes that I found something that would allow me to still attend carnival.   
Trini Jungle

Rhadi Bullard Ferguson Phd

Myles Kingston Sadler - Little Bob Marley

Myles Kingston Sadler
I want to introduce you to a very extraordinary young man, Myles Kingston Sadler aka lil Bob Marley. 

Myles Kingston Sadler (born 19 December 2012 in Atlanta, GA) was born to a Haitian & Cuban mother and a Jamaican & American father.  His parents have a deep love of Caribbean music and Myles has been listening to Bob Marley since he was in the womb.  His hobbies include watching Barney, eating saltine crackers, touching things he is not supposed to touch, playing peak a boo with his little brother, and reenacting Bob Marley performances (as seen below).

Myles Kingston Sadler = Rudeboi from birth
Myles attended his first Marley concert before he was even born and he even got to meet Stephen Marley after the show (kinda sorta). Can you spot Myles under his momma's pink shirt???
Since taking his love of Bob Marley online, Myles has made lots of new friends that love Bob Marley as much as he does.  I invite you to follow the chronicles of Myles Kingston Sadler on Instagram at:
Hashtag: #MylesKingston

One Love
Being born & raised in Atlanta, he also loves the ATL Falcons

Miami Carnival Weekend 2014

What can I say about Miami Carnival that I haven’t already said in years past???  Its my favorite North American carnival, I call it the Caribbean Reunion because so many of my friends fly in from everywhere to attend.  It’s the carnival with the most familiar faces. 

Did a slightly condensed version of Miami this year, we landed late Thursday, hit up the liquor and grocery store and checked into our condo.  Rented a condo in the same building we rented last year, great location off Biscayne for a fabulous price.  Because I have already rented my condo for 2015 I can go ahead and let you guys in on my secret.  There is a condo called The Grand in which Hilton runs a portion of it as a hotel.  So you can rent a condo without having to pay all the extra fees that you pay when you rent from an owner.  And if you know me you know I almost NEVER pay rack rate for a hotel room. I will scour the internet looking for the best discount rate.  ended up being like $100off EACH night for a bad ass 1,2, or 3 bedroom condo.

Anywho, upon checking in we immediately got it crack-a-lackin and went into party mode.  Some other friends stopped by and we had a pregame fete.  When putting together our fete schedule it took us a while to decide which fete to hit Thursday night.  Didn’t have that much fun at Tribe Ignite in 2013 (miss the days of it being held at the Hard Rock) so we joined some other friends at New Yorkers.  The only people that like partyin with New Yorkers is other New Yorkers, so needless to say I didn’t have fun.  Half of us left and the other half stayed. We did manage to have fun Thursday, so it’s all good. 

Around noon Friday we headed to Rise / Shine (always my favorite fete of the weekend). The event is held on Historic Virginia Key Beach, nothing beats a beach fete.  2012 we almost died of a heat stroke so we learned that it’s best to do the VIP route for this fete.  Tents with plenty shade, seating, open bar, cool air mists, etc.  The attire for this event is white, so it’s like a Caribbean Diddy party. 

DJ Private Ryan

Friday evening we were supposed to have a beach fete on South Beach, but we stopped by the One Island Mas camp to pick up our costumes and that ate up all our time.  Mas camp was a hot azz mess, definitely need more staff.  Because I had so much fun with them on the road I am willing to forgive it.  I will say it was not as bad as Generation X mas camp 2012 when there were like 200 ppl in the parking lot about to fight and the cops were called out. After the One Island mas camp fiasco we ended up getting some grub and headed to bed around 10pm. 

4am Saturday we headed to Vale Breakfast Fete on Jungle Island.  We skipped Vale last year to do Jouvert and decided this year to just be GANGSTA and do both #BOOM.  Vale is too great of a fete to miss, they bring the Trinidad vibes  up to Miami and it’s a dayym good time.    Free breakfast buffet and endless juice aka chasers for the rum in my flasks (cause I’m on a budget).  

DJ Private Ryan for President


Left Vale around 9am and headed to Jouvert. I really cant speak too deeply on jouvert cause its all a blur. FOR THE RECORD I was NOT driving so… !!!  Looking at the pix I can tell that we had a DAYYM good time.  I said it before and I shall say it again, I LOVE LOVE LOVE jouvert!!!   I shall just share some pix from jouvert and move on.  OH!  I do remember wanting to cry after jouvert as I walked past McDonalds and I had no $$$, but REALLY REALLY wanted some chicken nuggets.

After jouvert we headed back to the condo for a quick nap to give us the energy to handle Saturday Part 3 and 4.  Guinness sponsored a Caribbean themed event Saturday called Live It Up which I convinced the crew to throw in our already hectic schedule.  When I’m back home in Atlanta, I live for sponsored alcohol events ( like I said, I’m on a budget).  We only stayed at the Guinness event for about 2 hours cause the Big Kahuna Scorch was up next. 
Guinness Live It Up

Scorch was a hot dayym blast!!  The event was held at Solare Garden, I was initially fearful of bathroom situation there cause last year those bathrooms made you want to slit ur wrists.  The bathrooms were under control this year and that was a good thing cause Good Gawd drinks were flowing, did I mention the event was All Inclusive? I am confident that the crew enjoyed their jam packed Saturday, I know I did!!! 

The fellas aka my international bodyguards

Sunday it was time for the Big Show.  Lemme just say that all my fun caught up with me on Sunday and I woke up In Ah MESS!!!  I did however eventually get my life together in the early afternoon and had the time of my frekkin life.  The new Miami carnival parade route was a WIN WIN WIN!!!  It was so much better Sun Life Stadium, funny how fate made us switch locations but gave us something 10x better.  We were out there bout 1pm-9pm and had nonstop fun.  One Island Mas Band for the win.  Like Rupee said, “Look at PEOPLE!!”  By the end of the day One island was an endless sea of people.” The liquor never ran out, the food was late as hell, but its all good.  The DJs were amazing, the sound system was superb, the masqueraders Came Out To Fete and the stormers were well behaved and just wanted to  havefun!  Carnival Sunday was too much fun, I’m not even sure if that level of fun is legal.  Better keep this on the low

Trini Jungle Juice = The Boss

Madd Colors


Sunday evening we were beyond exhausted from 8 hours of Bend Ups, pelvic thrusts, 6:30s, jooks, jump & waves, etc, etc, etc. So you already know that the only place we went Sunday night was to bed!!!   We did however manage to get up around 6am Monday and head to a party at King of Diamonds. If you know anything about Miami you know that King of Diamonds is a massive compound for people who love strippers and if you know me you know I despise strip clubs, what a conundrum. Luckily the strippers were all home resting and we had the venue to ourselves.  The party was aiite, we only stayed a couple hours. 

Back to our condo to check out and then off to S. Beach to have some Fat Tuesday, whip out the Bose speakers and have a Beach Fete. Relaxing afternoon on the beach before we headed to the airport and parted ways.  Last year we stayed till Tuesday, but Monday ended up being a BLA party day as well.  Unless we find something awesome to do on Monday near year we will probably depart early again. 
So our fete schedule looked like this...

It was 5 days of nonstop good times, Caribbean chunes, champagne, rum, and wotlessness. See you in 2015 Miami, carnival not missing me!!!  Of course I leave you with a recap video.  Sorry for the low quality, YouTube is being a hater of my awesomeness. 

My American friend (who is not really into carnival) attended her first Miami Carnival and this was her thoughts on it.

Little 5 Points Halloween Festival and Parade 2014

Little 5 Points Halloween Festival and Parade is one of my favorite annual events in ATL.  Little 5 Points aka L5P is a very eclectic part of ATL where regardless of the day or time you will see some very unique crowds.  The Halloween parade is usually held 2 weeks before Halloween on a Saturday afternoon.  Most onlookers come in costume and have a good time with friends and family.  I go every year and wanted to share some pix from the 14th annual parade. 
me & my mommy




See you next year