Limerz Cruise Cropover 2014

I had serious gadget issues in Barbados, 1 memory card went corrupt randomly, brought a camera with no memory card another day, broke my phone and my medium camera, then lost 1 of the back up batteryz to my DSLR.  Too much fun I suppose.  I lost all memories from my favorite Cropover fete The Limerz Cruise… but The devil is a lie and  I managed to retrieve most of the data that I lost.  I already wrote about Limerz on my Cropover blog, but I am so happy to have my files back that I had to share some more. 

As I said previously, Sunday was the Limerz Cruise, it was beyond amazing, one of the best boat rides/fetes I’ve been on EVER!! 8 catamarans cruising through the Caribbean Sea side by side.  Each with its own DJ, bar, and catered lunch. The catamarans are operated by  I did some research on Lehwego before we decided which catamaran to buy a ticket on.  They recommended the black or blue catamarans because they are larger.  The vybz were great, then again every catamarans looked like it had SERIOUS vybz.  It’s important to have everyone in your crew select the same catamaran otherwise you will spend the entire day separated. 


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