DIY Panama Flag Bra

As I said before, necessity is the mother of invention.  I wanted bikini tops with my country flags for my upcoming carnivals, but that is easier said than done.  Of course Jamaica is the only flag I could find and the site I found had rinky dinky looking bras for $80+.  Panama and Costa Rica flags, forget about it! I’m still searching for the Costa Rica crest so I can make that bra, but until then here you have the Panama flag.  I couldn’t figure out which design to make so I asked my Instagram friends and we couldn’t decide either so I made both.  (to be completely honest I like the bra that l did the photo shoot in).
I glued bling on a roll to the bra and then cut it flush to the end of the bra after it was attached. 
 I used the bling on a roll to make the stars 
 Of course I had to do a photo shoot & it got a lil outta hand cause I tend to have a lil too much fun when I’m by myself.
  I felt like Apollo Creed in Rocky II when he came out all draped in America flags.

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