DIY Carnival Feather Collar

Keep in mind that I have no idea how these carnival feather collars are actually made.  If my design seems a little bootleg forgive me because Necessity is the Mother of Invention. Below is my costume for Cropover.  I am playing mas with Krave the Band in the Rude Boy section #BulletBullet So I decided that I wanted to make a feather collar for my costume.  I wanted it to be similar to a small collar in another section in our band. I also needed it to be small so that it will fit in my luggage. 
My costume on the left, my collar inspiration on the right

Started off with a cardboard box, wire, and 300 feathers in Rude Boy colors

I cut the box in a half an oval shape, this will go around my neck.  I glued the wire to the cardboard.  The wire is needed to hold the shape of the collar (as you will want it to bend a little around your shoulders). 
I then upholstered the cardboard and wire with left over fabric from my last DIY.
Found in the "Framing" aisle of home depot

I then started gluing Rude Boy feathers #BulletBullet to the upholstered half oval

I then clued a ribbon over the feathers.  I glued it over the entire thing for 2 reasons (1) to secure the feathers even more (2)  If I just glued the ribbon just at the bottom of the collar it is weaker & more likely to break when I doing the 6:30. 

I then made another half oval (minus the wire) to glue over the feathers & ribbon

I went over the fabric with red Bling on a Roll. 

I glued a gold, floral trim to the stop on the Bling on a Roll.  I didn’t glue it on the bottom cause I didn’t want it scraping my neck all day.  While it does gives the collar a slightly unfinished look, I rather be comfortable.  I will however keep my eye open for a soft material that could be placed on the bottom and won’t irritate me.

And there you have it.  My interpretation of a small Feather Carnival Collar.  #BulletBullet 

PS:  I've perfected the collar making process, here are two easier and quicker versions


  1. Can you give an indication of where you order your feathers from online? Thanks!

  2. I'm an upcoming band leader and we have seen different ways of making collar pieces, my question for you is, how sturdy is the collar piece your way? Reason I ask is because yours have looked the best !

    1. Very sturdy, the collars can be bent in half and put in a suitcase. I've reused the frames to make new collars. I've added links above to other collars I've made that are easier to make, especially when making multiple collars.

  3. Thanks for the tutorial! What type of wire did you use?

    1. I added a photo above. multi purpose wire found in the "Framing" aisle of home depot. PS: I also added 2 links to easier and prettier collars.