The Ultimate Road Ready Guide: What Every Carnival Veteran Knows And Carnival Virgins Must: The 25 Things You Must Know About Trinidad Carnival

The Ultimate Road Ready Guide: What Every Carnival Veteran Knows And Carnival Virgins Must: The 25 Things You Must Know About Trinidad Carnival
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I have a lot of people ask to join me on my carnival adventures. Usually my response to them is: (1) Trinidad NEVER, that’s a $3K trip that I just can’t let anyone f*ck up for me; (2) All other carnivals… sure, but do some smaller carnivals first. There is a lot of ish to know about carnivalian'ism that I cannot explain to each and every person that wants to join me. Forgive me if I sound like a smart azz or know it all cause I don’t know it all. This book is a good read for the newbies or those ready to Step Up to “The Greatest Show on Earth.”  So I share this with you so that if you are a newbie, you can find out everything you need to know.  If you are an expert, you can save yourself some time & grief and share with your newbie friends. 

DIY Panama Flag Bra

As I said before, necessity is the mother of invention.  I wanted bikini tops with my country flags for my upcoming carnivals, but that is easier said than done.  Of course Jamaica is the only flag I could find and the site I found had rinky dinky looking bras for $80+.  Panama and Costa Rica flags, forget about it! I’m still searching for the Costa Rica crest so I can make that bra, but until then here you have the Panama flag.  I couldn’t figure out which design to make so I asked my Instagram friends and we couldn’t decide either so I made both.  (to be completely honest I like the bra that l did the photo shoot in).
I glued bling on a roll to the bra and then cut it flush to the end of the bra after it was attached. 
 I used the bling on a roll to make the stars 
 Of course I had to do a photo shoot & it got a lil outta hand cause I tend to have a lil too much fun when I’m by myself.
  I felt like Apollo Creed in Rocky II when he came out all draped in America flags.

Chronixx Live in Atlanta

I had the pleasure of catching the Chronixx & Zinc Fence Redemption perform in Atlanta.  If you don’t know about Chronixx music then its time you learned.  He has an amazingly angelic voice, his music gives you the same good vibrations that you get when you are listening to Bob Marley. When jamming to Chronixx chunes you find yourself putting your head down & one hand in the air like you are giving praise.  I left that show just feeling really good about life J


Shout out to my homie Michelle Micheboo for buying my Chronixx ticket for my birthday

If you missed the US leg of the tour, hop a flight & catch the Euro tour.

4th of July - Atlanta style

AJC Peachtree Road Race
Being that it was a holiday weekend, the girls hit the town Thursday nite.  We were supposed to keep it lite, but ended up bar hoping to 4 different spots until 2am.  YIKES, I had to be up at 7am to run a 10K race, but I had a good time none the less.

The Peachtree Road Race was an amazing experience.  The fact that it was 6.1 miles had me slightly apprehensive at first.  What if I was one of those people that got picked up on the back of a pick-up truck for being too slow?  I almost sold my race # , but I did some research and found that there are plenty of people who walk the entire race, so I got the guts to go through with it.  From my weekly miles around Stone Mtn, I knew that it would take me about 1 ½ hours to finish the race.  I ran the race by myself, but I was far from alone.  The entire route of the race is like a parade route.  Tons of bystanders cheering on the runners, offering them water, beer, snacks, and high fives.  I even got blessed by holy water twice.  I stopped a million times and somehow managed to still complete the race in 1 ½ hours.  GO ME!!!
60,000 participants
Price: $38
Registration: If you are not a member of the Atlanta Track Club, you must enter a registration lottery held in mid-March.

Since I didn’t get much sleep Thursday night I went straight to bed after the race and took the nap of my life.  When I woke up it was time to decide on a place to watch fireworks.  I just adore fireworks, they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

We ended up at Olympic Centennial Park, YIKES it was a logistical nightmare this year.  They had a line around the block so that they could search your bags to make sure you didn’t bring any food or drinks into the park. Then they only had like 4 food vendors with lines even longer then the entry line.  I miss the days of breezing inside the park.

We heard via social media that the parking lots at Stone Mountain Park were at capacity at 5pm. Probably about 25 years ago, me & my parents took a trip to Atlanta for the 4th of July & we spent the entire day at Stone Mountain & ended it with the awesome laser & fireworks show.  The family decided that we would go to Stone Mountain next year, but very early in the day.

Some other places to catch the fireworks would be at  Turner Field during the Atlanta Braves baseball game, Lenox Square Mall, Downtown Decatur, Marietta Square

After the fireworks it was time to get sexy and celebrate the 4th with the big kids and drink lots of grown up juice at Party Animalz.  They even flew in DJ Crown Prince for the weekend. 

DJ Crown Prince
Saturday was all about maxin & relaxin at the Wetbar pool at the W hotel downtown with my homies.  I love this pool because it has such amazing views of the city.  You are just chillaxin on top of the world.

I really really wanted to go see DJ Crown Prince again Saturday night at Thrive, then hit up another party called PXP that my friend was hosting, but I totally overslept and only woke up in enough time to do one.  Le Sigh!!  Oh well, I made the most of it and got my party on for a couple hours Saturday night. 
Sunday was spent by the pool with my friends as they decided to have an impromptu pool party.  Of course I’m always down to party by the pool!  Grabbed a bottle of Bacardi and Mr. Bose and we lounged by the pool for about 5 hours.  Shout out to Chef Javier for the deeelish BBQ.
There was a brief discussion about going out Sunday night, but I was in bed by 11:30 and slept like a champ.  Thanks for the kick azz weekend with nonstop fun Atlanta. 

Celebrate your birthday for the Low Low

There are so many places that offer freebies on your birthday, they just make their $$$ off the people that you bring with you, but that’s not your problem it’s your birthday! I’m going to selfishly admit that some of this is stuff that I wanted to do on my birthday earlier in June, but I just didn’t have time in my schedule to do any of it.  Luckily I have raised a mini version of myself that loves a lot of the things that I love.  Keep in mind most of the free things on this list require you to sign up in advance so just don’t show up on your birthday expecting freebies.
So June 23rd was my daughter’s birthday and we started the day off with breakfast at Ihop. I love love love pancakes and guess what???  My daughter does too.  Join the Pancake revolution and you get a free Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity® on your birthday.
Although this wasn’t on the freebie list, we stopped at Six Flags to activate our season passes, ended up staying a lil while to ride a couple rides and check out the new water park area. 

The kid loves Moes *WELCOME TO MOES* so a free burrito was in order.

My daughter is quite fond of the aquarium so we headed over there in the early afternoon.  No advance sign up required, Georgia residents just show up with proof that it’s your birthday and you are “in it to win it”

What kid doesn’t like ice cream?  Sign up for Baskin Robbins, Cold Stone, and Dairy Queen clubs and get free ice cream from 1, 2, or all 3. It’s your birthday DO YOU!!!!

My daughter use to be so scared of Japanese steakhouses when she was little, too many flames flying in front of her.  Eventually she learned to love it and when I asked her where she wanted to eat on her birthday, she quickly said, “Benihana” Join the Benihana Chef’s Table and get a free meal with the purchase of another adult meal.
if you are not into Japanese steakhouses, these others might appeal to you

Free Dinner with the purchase of another meal

Or maybe you want something low key
Free Burger and Cheese Fries
Or maybe you just wanna see ass & titty during dinner.
Hooters -
10 free wings
Might as well get a cookie after dinner and maybe another ice cream from the places listed above. 
Great American Cookies – Free slice of cookie cake!
If your birthday is during football season, sign up for a chance to Celebrate Your Birthday At The Georgia Dome (if you live near ATL).
There are tons of other places that offer birthday freebies, but you are going to have to Google the rest.  I will be kind and leave with you one of our favorites that we didn’t have time for.