Trinidad Carnival = My crack cocaine

In previous years I got my flight for Trinidad carnival the moment it was available for purchase, but I wasn’t motivated this year.  I really wanted to go to Panama carnival (which is the exact same time), but those plans quickly fell apart.  Panama carnival is absolutely nothing like Trinidad carnival, some of the structure of Panama carnival could be compared to that of Brazil, not in relation to the size but the way the masquerade bands are organized.   Along with the fact that my family doesn’t not live nor celebrate carnival in the capital, I went ahead and let that dream go.  I posted this pic of the prices of flights to Trinidad carnival 11 weeks ago; we were all shocked at how high the prices were.  My bro Paco and I agreed that we would go to Trinidad carnival only if we made our way back into Bliss/Tribe (which launches in July).  In the meantime I’m sitting around skeptical that Trinidad carnival is going to happen for me and trying to decide what I am going to do with myself when carnival rolls around to maintain my sanity.  So while talking to my bro aka my life coach tonight he told me to stop lying to myself and to buy the flight before I end up spending double or triple the price on a ticket last minute cause there is no way carnival missing me.  He helped me see that f I’m not at carnival next year I will likely turn to life of drugs and crime. 

Price 11 weeks ago

My bro and I discussed the various flight options and I input them all into the carnival spreadsheet that I live my life by.  To my surprise the flights were $200 cheaper than they were 11 weeks ago.   If you are willing to have 2 layovers you can get a flight even cheaper (ATL-POS $580).  Not bad for a June purchase cause I paid $570 when I purchased my 2014 flight in March of 2013. 
Price as of June 9th

So with no lodging secured yet (remember that lodging is about $400/night), I got a flight to Trinidad carnival 2015.  This year I stayed with a friend who had an apartment right off the Ave and the proximity to the action was beyond amazing, but she no longer lives there.  In previous years I stayed at the Hilton and the lame azz Carlton Savannah.  Also there is no guarantee that I will make my way back in Bliss/Tribe. My bro said the craziest thing, “You know a lot of people, you should be able to secure a costume for yourself if anything.”  Like I could ever have a kick ass carnival without my twin, we are the dynamic duo. 

I thought about not leaving until Friday cause I really don’t care about the fetes, I just wanna do Caesar’s Army, jouvert and play mas. But the carnival crackhead withdrawals would kick in Wednesday when everyone else is flying out, so my compromise was to fly out Thursday instead and surprise surprise the price to leave Thursday was even cheaper. Well to be honest with you, I put two fights on hold, I need to pray to the carnival gods before I decide which to purchase, but I definitely will be purchasing in the morning.
I said last year that I was just going to go to Trinidad carnival every year until I die and I see now that my statement was correct.  Who could purposely miss all this fun???

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