Gumball 3000 Atlanta

CARS, CARS, CARS... I love cars!!!  *Slaps myself and tries to focus*
Gumball 3000 is a motor rally of about 100 bad ass cars with an entry fee of about $67,000 YIKES!!!  The US leg of the race starts in Miami and ends in New York.  The cars then hop a plane and fly to Europe where they drive from Edinburgh to Ibiza.   Hawt sh*t dammit, I was lucky enough to catch a few of the cars when they stopped in Atlanta for the night.  There was supposed to be a concert going on as the cars arrived, but there was a biblical type rain storm that ruined that, not that anyone really cared about the performance anyway.  
Girl Power @ Gumball 3000
Bullet Bullet

I missed the arrival of the McLaren P1 (sadly I ran outta rum & snuck off to a bar to booze it up) but a friend snapped this shot of it. One of only 375 P1’s made.  *And the Crowd Goes Wild*
When I get my life together me and my Shelby GT500 Super Snake might drive and fly around the globe with these crazy kids.  Yup, as soon as I get that Snake, but for now I just got a shirt! Lolol

I leave you with some wheel close ups!!! Zoom Zoom


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