DIY Jamaica Flag Bra

I was grocery shopping in Walmart, minding my own dayym business & I came across some dirt cheap bathing suit pieces.  As soon as I saw the colors, I knew EXACTLY what to do with them!

So lets go… started off with a green bathing suit top $4.66, bought a small roll of yellow trim from Michael’s for $1 and a roll of black bling on a roll from Michael’s for $3 (it was $5, but I used their 40% e-coupon), & couple sticks of hot glue *BOOM!!!*

Made X’s across the bra with the yellow ribbon, then I folded the bra cups over each other to make sure the X’s lined up on the same spot on both bras.  I then glued the bling on a roll in the appropriate spot and as easy as 1,2,3 we have a Jamaica flag bra.  Total cost of bra & materials = less than $9

And because I was drinking & had my chunes blasting the whole time I was making the top, I proceeded to have a mindless photoshoot afterwards. It would have helped if I put on the yellow bikini bottom, but I had on a pink, wrong day of the week panty so I had to crop that out. 

The whole point of a camera remote control is to "NOT to see the remote".  The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club.  Sometimes I can only shake my head at myself.


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