DIY Carnival Costume - Atlanta Carnival

I joined a band because I wanted a unified look with my peeps, but I wanted something a little more personalized. I guess I really just wanted the backpack cause I’m not a big fan of head pieces.  So this is a 90% DIY costume meant to mesh well with the rest of the costumes in my section with Madd Colors. 

My workspace starts off all nice and neat and then my room turns into a war zone. 
The bra is a bathing suit top that came off an old costume.  I had to cut & rip the previous pieces off so it looks like sh*t afterwards.  I clued rows of Bling On a Roll on it and in-between each row of bling, I glued a sparkly silver trim.  Around the outside of the bra I glued a floral silver trim.

The belt was made using a thick foam sheet.  I traced an old belt onto it, cut the sheet and then upholstered it with shiny silver fabric.  I purchased some D-rings to tie the sides but they were too small and I couldn’t find bigger ones locally so I had to use O-rings off an old belt. 
I found a beautiful, circular, silver belt on clearance at Ross for $4, I cut it & glued a piece onto my belt.  I then glued a line of Bling on a String around the belt. 
I bought a maybe ¼ a yard of bathing suit fabric and cut into strips (this would be fringe that dangles in the front of my belt).  I then put on sparkly hair beads and tied knots in-between the beads.

The finished product
the original and my version, I thought they flowed well together

Because I wasn’t wearing a headpiece my backpack needed more pizazz.  So I added a few more layers of feathers and then I blinged out the blank spots.   
Front of backpack: Before/After

Back of backpack: Before/After
The war zone that my room turns into when I’m crafting.  Needless to say no one is allowed in here.
I also want to shout out my homie Lingy who made her own costume as well.  She is a professional designer so feel free to hit her up for custom work.

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  1. Can you please provide some specs on the foam sheet used to make the belt. Is there specific size in thickness. I've been having a hard time with the construction of the belt.