Atlanta Carnival 2014 Fete recap

Atlanta carnival road march is still getting its life together, but the weekend fetes are fabulous. Now you must forgive me because I like to skip the live concert fetes. Why you ask? Because I go to 5-6 carnivals a year so I see these artists over and over and over and over. I just come to WUK!!!

So we started off Wednesday at Army fete. As I tell my daughter all the time,“Camo is my favorite color.” To which she replies, “Camo is not a color!”  We had a pregame fete at my place before Army fete so we ended up not walking in the fete until around 1:30am. I only stayed about an hour because I had to be somewhat coherent early in the morning.  I made the most of my hour and proceed to drink and dance my life away.  I had a chance encounter with someone who reads my blog and we quickly became party partners for the weekend, Tiffany approached me at Army Fete and told me that she reads my blog.  She told me she never played mas in Atlanta because she didn’t want to arrive at 10am like the bands instructed, but after reading my blog where I said I get to the parade (any parade not just Atlanta) at whatever time I feel like it, she would play mas next year and get to the parade at whatever time she felt like.  Lolol that made my day.  So now there are officially TWO people in this world that read my blog *whoop whoop*

Thursday my twin Paco came in town and we had another pregame fete at my place before heading to Flagorama. What do we do at these pregame fetes you ask? Blast soca and do shots shots shots shots. In previous years we went to Flag Party on Thursday, but it was time for something new. I had a good good time at Flagorama!!! Paco got to meet my new party partna Tiffany and gave her two extra Road March tshirts with Madd Colors that he had. We reminded her to get there whenever she felt like it. 

shots shots shots turns Paco into Mr. Killa
There were a couple of day events Friday, but we skipped all of that and just linked up lunch and proceed to ignore each other.

Friday was my favorite event cause everybody knows I LOVE jouvert.  Before jouvert I decided to have an official pregame parking lot fete since we had so much fun pregaming last year.  There were like 25 of us partying in the parking lot, I can’t believe the parking lot attendant didn’t ask us to leave. 

 After doing shots shots shots of everything in the parking lot it’s only natural to see people start doing crazy sh*t inside the fete. These two went DOWN after a failed dance move. The funny part isn’t that they fell; it’s that they immediately got sprinkled with baby powder. SMH
Who, What, When, Where and WHY?

Powda in yuh eye

Saturday afternoon was the road march, that required its own blog that you can view here.  Atlanta Caribbean Carnival 2014 

Quick powernap after carnival and then it was off to Reign nightclub to help dress the models for the PXP International Experience and make last minute costume alterations. 
I'm looking like a straight vagabond

I planned on going to bed early Saturday night  and wake up refreshed for the Breakfast fete, but I was talked into going home to get dressed and coming back to The PXP International Experience to party. I was happy that I got to see my work (costumes) on display. My fam came thru as well so I had a blast at this event with my friends & familia. Head home around 3am and got about 5 hours of rest before hading to the breakfast fete. 
My bro'z and their besties

Slight wardrobe malfunction on the dancefloor
Stay Thirsty My Friends
Woke up nice and rested Sunday morning and headed to the breakfast fete.  Miraculously I had three of my brothers with me.  One of my brothers brought his wife with him and he didn’t explain to her what a “breakfast fete” is.  She thought we were going to a Golden Corral, poor thing wasn’t ready to drink and dance in the blazing sun and eat corn soup and bake and shark.  The love breakfast fetes because there is nothing awesomer than feting your life away while everyone else is still asleep. 
After the breakfast fete it was straight to the lake about 45min north of Atlanta for the Ship Ahoy boat ride.  We took a shuttle so I got a juicy powernap on the drive there.  Sadly I forgot my camera in the car and didn’t have much juice in my phone *Le sigh*  The boat ride got off to a late start but they gave us plenty liquor to make up for it.  I love being near water so the lake, soca and booze = fun fun fun!!!
Are you tired yet?  Don’t worry we are ALMOST done.  After the Boat Ride it was straight to the Annual All White Fete.  I didn’t have time to get an outfit so F*CK IT, I wore the exact same thing I wore last year.  I even decided that it will be my annual outfit since I haven’t worn it since last year anyway *wink* This is where we say goodbye to the homies in town for the weekend.  I was pretty mellow at this fete, maybe the lack of sleep was catching up with me. Or maybe cause I forgot to stop at an ATM and only had enough cash for One Drink *le sigh*
Recycled Outfit
Monday was going to be a “Cool Down Day” in bed drifting in/out of a coma, but I ended up at a my dawgz house chillaxing by the pool and then a BBQ later in the evening.  What a marvelous carnival weekend.  
Does anyone know when the next carnival is???  I get this fever when I go too long between carnivals. 

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