DIY Jamaica Flag Bra

I was grocery shopping in Walmart, minding my own dayym business & I came across some dirt cheap bathing suit pieces.  As soon as I saw the colors, I knew EXACTLY what to do with them!

So lets go… started off with a green bathing suit top $4.66, bought a small roll of yellow trim from Michael’s for $1 and a roll of black bling on a roll from Michael’s for $3 (it was $5, but I used their 40% e-coupon), & couple sticks of hot glue *BOOM!!!*

Made X’s across the bra with the yellow ribbon, then I folded the bra cups over each other to make sure the X’s lined up on the same spot on both bras.  I then glued the bling on a roll in the appropriate spot and as easy as 1,2,3 we have a Jamaica flag bra.  Total cost of bra & materials = less than $9

And because I was drinking & had my chunes blasting the whole time I was making the top, I proceeded to have a mindless photoshoot afterwards. It would have helped if I put on the yellow bikini bottom, but I had on a pink, wrong day of the week panty so I had to crop that out. 

The whole point of a camera remote control is to "NOT to see the remote".  The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club.  Sometimes I can only shake my head at myself.

DIY carnival bras

When I’m making a costume, I usually give myself about 1-2 months to make it. Plenty of time to get the supplies the cheapest way possible and plenty of time to goof off in-between crafting.  My friend Selam asked a few days before Atlanta carnival to put together some costumes for an event she was having, I can’t fault her because her boss told her to make it happen at the every last minute.  As bad as I wanted to say, “H*ll, NO!”  I set aside 2 evenings in my crazy azz carnival week and helped her put some last minute stuff together. 

Being that we were very short on time we had to get resourceful.  I don’t make headpieces, but I did make a backpack for Miami carnival.  The problem is that feathers are HELLA expensive unless you order them from this magical far away land called Asia (which takes about 3 weeks to arrive).  So we had to beg, borrow and steal old head pieces and we used  the Madd Colors backpack I wore carnival Saturday.  I had Selam go buy some $5 white bras from Ross and then I met her at Michael’s Crafts & Handcock Fabrics to pick out the materials needed to match the bras to the head pieces we had. 

So we start with the bra made to match my Madd Colors backpack.  Forgive me I was short on time so I didn’t take pix of the materials before they were put on.  But I can tell you it’s (1) Bling on a Roll as the base; (2) Yellow and Green rhinestone Appliqué on top of the bling on a roll; (3) light green sequin trim across the bra; (4); Blue sparkly trim around the entire bra (5) turquoise gems in the center of the bra (6) Random stones on top the bling (7) Bling on a roll on the bra straps.  The same materials were used on the costume belt.
Next up... (1) A few rows of grey bling on a roll (2) two rows of silver chain trim (3) Repeat the process (4) Silver gems at the bottom of the bra (4) Black & White rope around the entire bra (5) Bling on a roll on the bra straps.  The bottom was a recycled belt from my Jamaica 2013 costume.  Recycled head piece from my 2012 Miami costume.  It’s a miracle that neither of those had be dissected because I cut the feathers off almost all my other old headpieces and routinely take apart costumes after use for parts. 

Selam, having never made a costume before put together this bra, so proud of her lol!  I made a belt to match it.  It would have been nicer if the model wore a bikini bottom instead of boy shorts, but she looked lovely none the less. 
Worthy of an honorable mention is the Bliss Carnival – Ole Time Something costume.  It got to make a 2nd appearance sorta.  I had already dissected the bra so Selam glued the stones onto a white bra.  Also making a 2nd appearance is the purple Impulse Mas 2013 costume.   
And there you have it folks, instant carnival bras!!!   


DIY Carnival Costume - Atlanta Carnival

I joined a band because I wanted a unified look with my peeps, but I wanted something a little more personalized. I guess I really just wanted the backpack cause I’m not a big fan of head pieces.  So this is a 90% DIY costume meant to mesh well with the rest of the costumes in my section with Madd Colors. 

My workspace starts off all nice and neat and then my room turns into a war zone. 
The bra is a bathing suit top that came off an old costume.  I had to cut & rip the previous pieces off so it looks like sh*t afterwards.  I clued rows of Bling On a Roll on it and in-between each row of bling, I glued a sparkly silver trim.  Around the outside of the bra I glued a floral silver trim.

The belt was made using a thick foam sheet.  I traced an old belt onto it, cut the sheet and then upholstered it with shiny silver fabric.  I purchased some D-rings to tie the sides but they were too small and I couldn’t find bigger ones locally so I had to use O-rings off an old belt. 
I found a beautiful, circular, silver belt on clearance at Ross for $4, I cut it & glued a piece onto my belt.  I then glued a line of Bling on a String around the belt. 
I bought a maybe ¼ a yard of bathing suit fabric and cut into strips (this would be fringe that dangles in the front of my belt).  I then put on sparkly hair beads and tied knots in-between the beads.

The finished product
the original and my version, I thought they flowed well together

Because I wasn’t wearing a headpiece my backpack needed more pizazz.  So I added a few more layers of feathers and then I blinged out the blank spots.   
Front of backpack: Before/After

Back of backpack: Before/After
The war zone that my room turns into when I’m crafting.  Needless to say no one is allowed in here.
I also want to shout out my homie Lingy who made her own costume as well.  She is a professional designer so feel free to hit her up for custom work.

Atlanta 4th Annual BIG A$$ Water Balloon Fight

The 4th Annual BIG A$$ Water Balloon Fight was held on the afternoon of Saturday, June 14, 2014 at Candler Park in Atlanta, GA.  Another one of the many reasons I love living in Atlanta.  There are so many random and FREE events to get into.  This event was brief, but extremely fun.  People of every age and race were there united in the cause of having fun & getting everyone wet.  Here are some pix from the event and according to the coordinator , “Next year will be even better!”
Coordinator Sasha Couture
Candler Park Atlanta, GA
Annual BIG A$$ Water Balloon Fight