Spring Break 2014 - Panama City Beach

Spring Break 2014 - Panama City Beach
Quick get away with the elusive teens for spring break.  I would have much rather hop’d another cheap azz flight on Spirit air and chilled in Miami like last time, but kids love them sum Panama City Beach, as you can see.  It was a pretty peaceful trip, we all enjoyed ourselves. 

Teen life
I rented a 1 bedroom condo from an owner on Homeaway.com, I stayed in the bedroom and the rest of the place was theirs. I had my big Bose in the back and they had the lil Bose in the front.   Definitely can’t stay in a regular hotel room with teens, we might kill each other and a full kitchen is a must on family vacations.  If you are traveling with younger kids who like stuff like miniature golf, go carts, Ripley’s Believe it or not, you can find half off coupons for those online (Groupon, Half off dept, etc).  The teens aren’t into stuff like that anymore, but I did find half off restaurant coupons that were useful. 
The teens really got it in, party'n in teen land like Soca Stars. 

They usually stay up till 2am, in PCB they were in bed by 12 everynight
I miss our days of spending spring break in Orlando, but the teens had fun doing "teen stuff" and I enjoyed just sitting on the beach bymyself chillaxin, drinking, blasting my chunes & people watching.  Most of my time was spent on the quiet side of the beach although I did venture over to a more populated area one afternoon.
The cops rolled up on me & I just knew they were going to harass me. They told me I couldnt have any glass on the beach, told me to enjoy the rest of my day and zoomed off. They didnt even stick around to see if I got rid of it. muahahaha
lovely Panama City Beach police
It rained lightly one afternoon, it was hilarious to see the people scatter like roaches.  Leaving their chairs and other items behind knowing the rain would last all of 5 minutes.  I covered up my gadgets and kept my beach party going!!! 

Partied OUT!!!

One of the few vacations were I actually got some rest and didnt come back from my vacation feeling like I needed a vacation. Better enjoy the free vacations while they last elusive teens. You will soon be in the real world!!! 

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