Candy Coated Wine UP Cruise Jamaica 2014

Jamaica carnival is indeed getting its life together.  More and more promoters and fete attendees are rolling into town and adding their special touch. 

Carnival Friday 2013 we had our own mini pool party at the Spanish Court Hotel because there was no was Friday afternoon fete, this year that all changed.  Candy Coated Events did a JA version of the Trinidad Wine Down cruise.   Without a doubt my favorite event for the 2014 Jamaica carnival weekend.
The Wine Up cruise started with a couple speed boats full of feters, booze and soca heading out to Maiden Cay.  Maiden Cay  is a small uninhabited island located off the coast of Port Royal, Kingston, Jamaica. It is little more than an elevated sandbar with sparse vegetation. It's a popular destination and rest spot for sunbathers, snorkelers and boaters / yachters, and it is also frequently used for day time beach parties. (
We partied on and off the boats, the liquor never ran out, lunch was cooked fresh on the island and it was deeeeeelish Ribs, Fish & Jerked Chicken. 

As the video below shows, it was beautiful event with great vybz between all the attendees, even the other boats that just happened to be docked there.  We left with lots new friends.

Word on the sKReet is that Candy Coated Events is also doing a cruise for Cropover and Miami Carnival.


  1. It was Awesome, and the new friends was the best part.