Atlanta Carnival 2014 fetes list

Because I always have tons of visiting folks or those that live in ATL and just dont go out often ask me what/when/where/why/how regarding Atlanta Carnival, I decided to just put it all on one blog. I’ll update the blog with fetes as I come across em.

If you don’t already know, Atlanta has two carnivals. I know, I know… moving on, this is where everyone I know will be.
If you want to play mas in a costume or t-shirt all the bands can be found here

I provided online ticket links for the ones I know, the others you just gotta google my friends J
Of course Kiddie Carnival is the event that kicks off carnival.  Gotta pass down the love of carnival to the next generation of West Indian people.
This fete right here *WHEW* I booked a hotel within walking distance of Cooler Fete this year because SH*T GOT REAL last year. I know its gonna be realer than real deal Holyfield this year.  I am prepared!!!
I Am Soca: 2014 Groovy Soca Monarch winner Kerwin Dubois performing alongside the gentleman who sings my 2014 anthem: 5 Star Akil - To Meh Heart

Dawn Breakfast Party

 I’m not a fan of seeing naked chix, but I image everyone had a blast last year.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the Miami Carnival Red Eye Fete when it was held at King of Diamonds “adult entertainment club” so I suppose this is the same concept.
If you know me you know I LIVE for Jouvert.  I love love love it.  Can we get Caesar’s Army to roll through so that we can have 2 jouverts??? 
GBM Showcase:  Great line up for a great price, can’t beat that price in my book. 

Not sure why this one is called "jouvert" because its not truely a jouvert.
Its a nice concert none the less.

Carnival Saturday +Underground Atlanta 
The PXP International Experience, is where you will find African chunes thrown into the mix. Not just one or two old African chunes, a serious up to date African set or two or three. 
Lawd lawd lawd I love Benjai (not like "that" I luv his music)! As many carnivals as I go to, Benjai is one of the few artists that I have rarely seen live.  I think I have only seen Benjai live once, maybe twice (blame the rum for my failed memory).

Who doesn’t love a good Breakfast Fete??? I learned my lesson last year. I’m going home to take a quick power nap after the Saturday night fete or MAYBE I will just keep my tail in bed Saturday nite and then fete the morning & afternoon away Sunday!!!

Boat Ride you say???  Can’t wait to hear more about this one, I love being on the water.

That's all folks, feel free to link the people below if you have questions.
See you on the road Mar 24th!!! I'll be the gyal taking a nap under a tree!!! 

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