Madd Colors 2014 - Atlanta Carnival

Madd Colors 2014
Madd Colors 2014... The Apocalypse

Whew the band launch was madness. They have this magical concoction called “Jumbie Juice” that is just basically liquid madness (I mean if ur into that kinda ish). I realize now I was kinda a HOT MESS last nite.  I have NO IDEA how I managed to capture even half way decent photos… I give all props to the Nikon D5200 and Jesus for just Taking The Wheel!!! 

I think the costumes are beautiful, but honestly they could have come on stage with potato sacks with feathers on em and I would still play mas with them.   I just frekkin love my band that much, kinda like how in Trinidad people don’t give a BEEP what section they get in with Tribe/Bliss… they just wanna be in Tribe/Bliss.



Boss lady in action
Shout out to the unsung heros who work behind the scenes to make sh*t happen

Everyone had a dayym good time

  They gave us all the Antidote, but I think I mighta had a lil too much antidote

The infamous Chris Mit

Carnival Parade Route

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