DIY Trinidad Carnival Monday Wear

Well after all that talk and searching, I ended up just crafting my own Monday Wear for Trinidad Carnival

Here are the tools used: 

Left over spray paint (spray paint makes old things brand new)
1 lace bra
1 belt from an old carnival costume (I used this belt for my DIY Miami costume as well. Spray painted silver this go round)
Set of flowers from the Dollar Store (flowers spray painted turquoise)
Small strip of Turquoise fabric glued to belt to make a lil skirt
A few gems (spray painted the gems turquoise)

Glue Gun

I've recycled the hell outta this belt. Getting my $$$ worth outta TnT costumes

The top seemed like it needed something

Painted flowers blue and glued gems to the center

Glued a few flowers to the bra

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