DIY Carnival Costume - Frankencostume

DIY Carnival Costume - Frankenstein
This costume is made completely from recycled materials (because obviously I have too much time on my hands).  The inspiration came from the Victoria Secret outfit below and the bra & panty are recycled from my Caribana costume.   

Two looks combined into one
I actually saw the Victoria Secret outfit long before I just happened to come across some left over fringe.  When my girl handed me a pair of fringe boots to design and asked me to remove the fringe, I knew exactly what I was going to do with that fringe.

Fringe removed from the carnival boots I designed
I have a box that has YEARS worth of old costumes just collecting dust (keep in mind I play mas about 4 - 5 times a year).   Knowing how much costumes cost, especially TnT costumes I decided to gut each and every one of them for parts.   The belt was recycled from my Island People 2013 costume.  I used the belt in the costume I made for Miami and then again for my TnT 2014 Monday wear.  A lil paint goes a long way huh???  This time I used left over fabric from the carnival boots I made for another friend and reupholstered the belt

The evolution of a belt
I cut off the excess fabric that previously hung from the bra and then I just added a million stones to the bra & panty (left over stones from the boots).  The colored stones were ripped off other old costumes.

As usual I didn’t wear my arm pieces at Caribana so I made some slight modifications to one arm piece and turned it into a bracelet/ring thingy. 
Added a strip of fabric to my Bliss headband so it vibes with the Frankencostume better. 

Dust off the Panama boots

TADA!!!  Frankencostume
Easy as 1, 2, 3  This shall be worn at Jamaica carnival. I almost bought a JA costume, but I figured instead of  purchasing a $300 costume that I wasnt really feeling,  I'd just buy the half price tshirt option and wear my Frankencostume. 


  1. you are very talented, i just wanted to knw can you do a step by step on carnival belt making

    1. Thank you! Belt instructions can be found on this blog post

  2. girl this is the BOMB. we have windy city carnival here in chi town and i'm not playing mas in the parade but i do want to make a likkle ensemble. you just inspired me, thanks!

  3. also, do you have an article about making the head dresses?