Trinidad Carnival Boots DIY #4

Trinidad Carnival Boots for Yuma Totem
Ok the final set of boots I made for Trinidad carnival are for the Yuma Totem costume.  Ima sound really crazy for saying this, but the design for these boots were inspired by Kid Icarus (my fellow gamers should remember Icarus). 

 First step is always prime then paint boots
 Glued fabric around the straps and then spray painted some jewels to match

1st try on the feathers
My homie ordered a tiara instead of a headpiece so I figured alot of feathers on the boots wouldn’t be an over kill. The amount of feathers in my vision were a bit too much for her, had to make some reductions lolol  The final product was a lot less that I originally envisioned, but I realized that it takes a special kind of personality to confidently rock my vision so I'm going to save the rest of my over the top, Gotti vision for when I design my boots for Atlanta Carnival in May.
The Final Product, just left the toes bare. Didnt wanna freak out the client

Trinidad Carnival Boots DIY #3

The boots I made to go with my Bliss – Ole Time Something costume.  Not sure why I ordered a dayym head piece when I know Ima end up in a baseball hat.  Guess cause its tradition to give it away to the kiddies.
I just have a thing for wearing hats on the road vs. a headpiece

Primer saves lives
Dynamic Duo
Some of the tools of the trade, although I ended up adding more
2 pairs of boots down, one more pair to go... right after my Procrastinators Anonymous meeting tomorrow!