Monday wear blues

So I said I was gonna K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) and just buy something to wear on Carnival Monday. Then I decided I wanted to make something. I started making something, but then I lost my momentum & spent my spare time goofing off instead.  Once again I decided to buy something, but found myself unable to hit the SUBMIT button on any purchase.  I haven’t been motivated to work out a lot this year, just my usual lite & mediocre jogs.  I decided that all my pix are going to be Chest & Up, no need to see what’s going on in the mid-drift area!!!  I’ve seen so many adorable options, but I know I would look a hot mess in them.  I’ve totally got the Monday Wear Blue L lets all admire the super options that I can’t wear & the great discount that usually offers. 


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